How much YouTube paid me in 2023! Adsense earnings revealed!

How much I made on YouTube Adsense 2023
How much YouTube paid me in 2023!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a post on how much YouTube Adsense paid me in 2023. I have been on YouTube for years now and except for a year after I had a baby, I’ve been pretty consistent on it that whole time. I have over 1,500 videos on my channel and I try to share my earnings to help others out. After all, it’s not often you find out how much smaller channels make: so here I am! Let’s chat about my 2023 YouTube Adsense earnings!!

2023 YouTube Adsense earnings & How often I upload!

A few years ago I was uploading on YouTube every single day. I’m not gonna lie, it was a LOT of effort and mentally quite hard, especially during lockdown. After I had my baby I found even uploading once a month difficult so I quit posting for about a year until I was ready to get back into it.

Around November 2022, I finally felt like I was ready to get back into YouTube and I posted every other day from November 2022 to present day (and hopefully, I will be able to continue this year too!). I managed not to miss a single upload so I can proudly say, I uploaded every other day, plus some bonus videos, making my uploads for 2023 over 200 videos!!!!

Just to be clear here, these are all long videos, not shorts. I did post shorts, but I also posted over 200 regular videos!

The bulk of my YouTube earnings came from my long form videos. However I will be telling you about my shorts as well as my regular videos!

Videos published in 2023: 204

Shorts published in 2023: 213

How many subscribers I have and how many I gained?! Also how they found my channel!

I currently have 7,360 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I picked up almost 1000 new subscribers in 2023. Admittedly my YouTube growth is slow, but I’m pleased with that!

what’s really interesting about my 2023 subscriber growth is a huge amount of them found me via my shorts, not my videos. Some people would argue the shorts audience are not your ideal audience, but I would assume they would still be interested in my main videos as I uploaded similar content topics on both my shorts and videos. I would recommend posting both types of videos, but make them about similar topics and sticking to a similar editing video style, so any subscribers who find you are interested in both types of videos.

It’s also worth noting though that I got 10% less views this year than I did my previous year. Which is crazy as the year before I barely uploaded at all! Sometimes hard work doesn’t pay off… or sometimes it doesn’t! Although it’s possible my views were high the year before because I had been posting so much the year before that and my content was evergreen and the algorithm liked me better back then!! Who knows!

YouTube Adsense earnings

How much I made from YouTube Adsense in 2023

In 2023 I made around £788 from my YouTube Adsense. It’s deffo not enough to count as a ‘second income’ but it is a nice pot of cash to have to help pay some things like my car insurance and petrol. Although when I think about it, I did buy a new iMac this year for editing my videos as my other one broke and I couldn’t edit videos without it. My new computer cost £1,500, so if you factor that in… I kinda spent more than I made! Oops!

Shorts v videos : Adsense revenue

This year I posted 213 shorts and 204 videos. I made a huge amount more Adsense revenue from my videos than I did my shorts – as you can see above. Shorts are great for gaining subscribers, but they aren’t great for increasing your Adsense revenue – unless you are going viral frequently!  And I mean… very frequently! It’s worth posting both shorts and long videos, but the long videos are generally where the money is made!

2023 YouTube watch time

Finally, I just wanted to share my watch time total for the year. As we all know, YouTube isn’t about subscribers, it’s about views and watch time, especially if you are trying to reach the 4000 hours you need to qualify for monetisation. This year I reached around 9,500 hours of watch time, which is over double the amount you need to be able to make Adsense earrings (along with the 1000 subscribers). So I would say aim to make at least 2 videos a week to hit the watch time minimum you need! Unless you go viral and then you will get it a lot quicker! And if you want more info and inspo, this is how much I made when I had 5000 subscribers.

Other ways To Make Money On YouTube

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate links – sign up to AWIN to get started
  • Sponsored Videos
  • Selling your own products

I hope this video on my 2023 YouTube Adsense earnings is of help and inspiration to you. Let me know if you have any questions!