FIVE Best bras for postpartum boobs

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FIVE Best bras for postpartum boobs

Confession time! Until recently, I hadn’t worn a ‘proper’ bra in about 3 years! No really! And the craziest thing is; before this time I had been a bra-addict who wanted full support at all times! Fairly soon after I fell pregnant, I found my breasts were fairly sore and I moved to softer, underwire free bras. As I got more pregnant, I found myself (for the first time in my life) wanting as softer bra as possible with as little support as possible.

After I had our baby, my boobs were pretty busy making milk and again, I found myself favouring light support and soft cups with no underwiring. I’m now two years postpartum and finally embracing supportive, underwired and most importantly, beautiful bras! So today I want to share five best bras for postpartum boobs and by the way, they are all padded bras from Belle Lingerie, because if you are like me, you will find postpartum boob look great with a bit of padding! Let’s go!

a classic tee shirt bra

A classic tee shirt bra is always a good idea for every day. It’s comfortable, gives a little lift and it’s padded, so even if you have an ample bust, the shape it will give you will feel good!

something sexy

If you are postpartum, don’t be afraid to buy a new bra which feels a little naughtier! It will make you feel more confident if you are still adjusting to your new body and it’s fun to be playful!

Mega support but make it pop

When it comes to comfort and support, you can’t beat Elomi bras, I love them for their support, designs and great quality, but if you want it to be a bit more fun and fashion, go for a pop of colour!

All the drama

I love a dramatic bra as it makes you feel more put together on the inside, even if you don’t feel it on the outside. Again, a bit of padding will also add great shape and help boost confidence.

Have fun with detail

Finally, a great way to embrace your postpartum body is by adding fun details. These harness style bras add a cool detail which can be seen over your dress to add a little fun and interest. It’s also a good way to draw attention to your boobs but making it more about the bra than the boobs.

Thank you for reading my post on FIVE Best bras for postpartum boobs. I hope it was of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions!