Finding the Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen and Home Extension

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Finding the Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen and Home Extension

Hello friends! Today I want to share my top tips on Finding the Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen and Home Extension. As you know, I love decorating and talking about home design, so I’m really excited about getting into this with you! Let’s chat!

Before you start! 

Before you start, I can’t recommend enough creating a Pinterest board of kitchen inspo and pinning all the kitchens which ‘call your name’. If you can, try to pin at different times of the day and even the year, as in summer months you might be drawn to different designs and colours than you are in winter.

Once you have lots of pins, see if there’s any which really stand out as your dream kitchen and see if you can see reoccurring colour themes too! Also, if you are torn between winter and summer colours, then I always opt for Winter colours because I spent more time in the kitchen in the winter than I do in the summer! 

Go bold

I love a bold coloured kitchen! A navy or racing green can look SO chic, as can a charcoal or claret. And if you want something more fun, a burnt orange, peach or pink is also a playful but bold choice! If you are having a kitchen extension, it’s likely you will have a stunning big room with oodles of lovely light pouring in, so don’t be afraid of a bold colour making it look small, on the contrary, it can really pull the eye in and show off how wonderfully big the room is! 

Keep it clean

If you love pale, clean colours and lots of open space and textures, then an off-white or pale hue is a lovely way to keep the kitchen looking pale and lovely! You can accessorise with lots of warm textual items to keep it soft, as well as dried flowers and pampas. 

Bring outdoors indoors

Next up! If you have lots of beautiful skylight windows and perhaps bi-folding doors, it can be fun to bring the outside inside, by adding lots of houseplants into your kitchen and adding terracotta floor tiles and a green kitchen. When the bifolding doors are open, it will really help link the outdoors with the indoors in the most wonderful way! 

Contrast with the garden

Alternatively, you can have fun contrasting the colours of the garden with colours of the kitchenextension. For example, if you have lots of ever-greens and leafy shrubs in your garden, you could go for a pale pink paint which always looks stunning with green! Or if you have more of a monochrome hard-landscaped garden, you could add some contrast with a pop of colour, like a rich green or bold yellow. If you have lots of big windows, it’s really worth considering the looks and colours in your garden when it comes to choosing a kitchen colour. 

Add pops of colour

Finally, if you aren’t sure about making a bold colour statement to your walls or cabinets. Then consider a white or neutral wall with a pop of colour in the form of artwork, vases or even a fireplace or feature wall. You can always incorpoate more pops of colours as the times goes on and gain colour-confidence, or strip the colours back for neutrals if you feel like the colours don’t suit you and your home. White walls with pops of colours are a great way to play it safe until you figure out what you want!  

Thank you for reading my post on Finding the Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen and Home Extension.