Elizabeth Scarlett Pouch review + 10% discount code!!

Elizabeth Scarlett hope every day pouch bag clutch bag velvet personalised gift
Elizabeth Scarlett Pouch review

Hello friends! Today I want to share an Elizabeth Scarlett Pouch review and give you a very special 10% Elizabeth Scarlett discount code! That’s right!!! I have an Elizabeth Scarlett discount code!!! let’s chat!!

who is Elizabeth Scarlett?!

Elizabeth Scarlett is a beautiful accessories brand who is known for their exquisite embroidered velvet pouches. They are famed for their iconic bee design, as well as a wide selection of personalised and monogrammed designs too. If you are looking for an affordable luxury gift, then this is a brand you need to know about!

As well as pouches, they make tote bags, make up bags, coin purses and even a small selection of home items like pyjamas and cushions. However, it’s their pouches which they are most known for which can be used as clutch bags or handbag organisers.

Elizabeth Scarlett bee pouch design handbag clutch bag

How to use an Elizabeth Scarlett pouch?

You can use your Elizabeth Scarlett pouch in a variety of ways. Including:

  • as a clutch bag
  • as a clutch bag with a wrist loop (these can be bought to add onto the pouches)
  • as a handbag organiser
  • to keep your handbag contents inside so you can use a different bag every day with ease
  • as a make up bag
  • to hide away intimate items when travelling
  • to store your kindle whilst you travel
  • as a memory pouch
  • to store your receipts if you are self employed

Personally, I plan to use mine as a clutch bag when I’m going somewhere fancy or as a pouch to store my jewellery in when I travel and to double up as an evening bag when I’m on holiday! The options are pretty endless though!

Elizabeth Scarlett coin purse

Elizabeth Scarlett discount code

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Elizabeth Scarlett tote bag free!

Get a free tote bag!

No joke! When you spend over £50 on Elizabeth Scarlett at their website, not only do you get free standard shipping, but you also get a free tote bag! This tote bag usually retails for £12 and you don’t need a special code, it will just be automatically added into your basket! And this is as well as getting 10% off with my special link!

Elizabeth Scarlett bride bag pouch

Perfect for brides

As well as doing beautiful velvet pouches to use as evening clutch bags, Elizabeth Scarlett also makes a small selection of bride pouches.  These are perfect as a clutch bag for the big day to keep your phone, jewellery and make up essentials, as well as giving as a gift to keep keepsakes from the day inside. Or you could use it as a clutch bag and then use it to store memories from the day! Double win! Aren’t they stunning? plus at £32 each, they are super affordable!

Elizabeth scarlett packaging


I quickly wanted to show you the packaging, as not only is it pretty, but it’s 100% eco friendly, completely recyclable and plastic free. Plus the beautiful Elizabeth Scarlett illustration on the back could be cut out and given to your child to colour in!

Giving back

Elizabeth Scarlett is inspired by nature and wildlife and truly believes in giving back where possible. This is why they created the 2% pledge. The brand gives 2% of their annual revenue (not profits, revenue!) to give back to wildlife charities. So far they have donated £420,000 to causes such a giving milk to orphan Elephants, protecting tigers and helping turtle hatchlings. Pretty amazing right?!


All of the Elizabeth Scarlett pouches can be personalised. Some can feature your name or initial as the main part of the design, others can have a more subtle monogram on it, in addition to the main design. It adds a beautiful personal touch to the bags and makes it an even more thoughtful gift too. Absolutely lovely!

Elizabeth Scarlett pouch review!

Ok! It’s finally time to put it all together and do a pouch review! It’s probably no surprise to you that I love, love, LOVE these bags! Each one is made from beautiful top quality velvet and intricately embroidered with beautiful illustrations. There is no detail spared, so each one feels like a work of art. Which is fitting as each design started as a painting.

The size of the pouch is perfect for storing everything you need, but small enough to look neat and compact. It also never looks or feels floppy, which is a pet hate of mine when it comes to clutch bags.

A lot of the embroidery features a lustrous gold thread, which is even more beautiful in real life than it is in the photos and each pouch features a design on the front and back. Which I really appreciate as it gives each bag a look of real luxury, quality and a high end finish. If you were using it as a clutch bag, you would honestly never know it was less than £40, you would assume they cost a LOT more! Especially if it’s monogrammed!

As for the zip, this is again, a chunky lustrous gold with a branded ES zip pull. The inside is fabric lined and marked with the Elizabeth Scarlett label. I honestly mean it when I say; every single detail is high quality, well considered and screams luxury!

I love my Elizabeth Scarlett pouch bags; they are beautiful quality, stunning designs and just beautiful fashion accessory to use every day! They are perfect as a clutch bag, or as a handbag organiser. You really can use them in anyway which makes the most sense to you and your life! For instance; a few years ago I would have used mine as a clutch bag for dinners, but now I might use it to store Mary’s nappies and wipes inside my handbag. As your life changes, so can their function!

They also make really beautiful gifts too! Especially for brides or birthday gifts! The monogram gives them an extra special touch and they look and feel really personal too. They are honestly even more beautiful in real life than they are on the website and I promise you, you will love them!!!!

The only criticism I have, is that there are designs which sold out so quickly that I wasn’t able to get my hands on them… but I’m hoping one day they will be released!

I hope you liked my Elizabeth Scarlett review! Let me know what you think of them and if you do want to treat yourself, don’t forget to use my link to get 10% off everything!

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