Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume review! A glorious gourmand!

Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume

Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume

Hello Friends! Today I want to do a Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume review! This is the most glorious vanilla gourmand I have ever worn and I’m so excited to share it with you! I often shy away from vanilla perfumes as they can be overly sweet and a little sickly, but this is neither; it’s rich, majestic, woodsy, complex and a touch boozy… in the best possible way!

If you like vanilla perfumes, I think you will love this one and if you don’t like vanilla perfumes, I still think you might love it! I know I do and it’s a long lasting perfume like no other I’ve ever worn! Let’s chat!

What does Electimus ‘Vanilla Edesia’ smell like?

Top notes:  Bergamot, Mandarin oil, Bitter almond, Heliotrope, Pink pepper CO2, Frankincense oil

Heart notes:
Cinnamon Ceylan oil, Cumin oil, Coriander oil, Rose Centifolia abs, Gurjum balsam oil, Ylang Ylang Extra oil, Creamy/milky notes

Base notes: Vanilla abs, Gourmand, Patchouli, Cypriol oil, Vetiver Haiti oil, Sandalwood oil, Cedarwood Virginia oil, Amber woody, Leathery, White musks.

All of Electimuss fragrances are Pure Parfum/Extrait

Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume
Perfumers notes

“Vanilla Edesia is built on duality – just like the smell of vanilla itself which can evoke sweetness and innocence but also has a darker side, spicier, more leathery.

On one side the floral, gourmand, creamy, musky part of the perfume brings softness, comfort and sensuality, on the other the strong character shows through the woody, spicy and leathery facets.

For me this brief was all about abundance and opulence which is why we have so many ingredients and such a long pyramid. 

It’s a very sophisticated and complex perfume, but it’s also a mass appealing, addictive and easy to wear fragrance.”

– Cécile Zarokian, Master Perfumer

Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume
Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume review

This is my third foray in the world of Electimuss perfumes and I have to say, the more I smell, the more I fall in love with the brand. It started with ‘Aquila Absolute’; which is a fabulous leathery perfume with citrus, florals and spice. Then I moved onto ‘Rhodanthe’; which is an incredible rose based fragrance… and now, Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ is my latest discovery and it’s truly fantastic!

Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia‘ is a dark and sensual fragrance with vanilla. It captures the sweet, joyfulness of vanilla, but it’s blended with rich, moodier notes of leather, spices, woods and incense. It’s a vanilla based fragrance like you’ve never tried before! Trust me!

If truth be told, I generally shy away from vanilla-heavy fragrances, as I often find them too sweet and cakey. When I do wear them I really need to be in the mood for them, which honestly is rare. Instead I tend to prefer my vanilla served up as a minor character alongside rose, ouds, woods, booze, leather and spice. I like just a tiny hint of it, not too much. That is, until I met Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia‘.

This fragrance really is made up of two halves; a joyful, playful vanilla which is sweet and creamy with facets of nuts, woods and whiskey. It’s delicious, playful and addictive.

Then a second half which is more opulent and classic, with a real middle-eastern feel; imagine lots of rich woods, heady florals, aromatic spices and leathery accords. Dark, rich, sensual, powerful and fairly masculine.

The two halves come together to give an addictive, complex, boozy, mysterious, playful vanilla fragrance. It’s as delightful and addictive as it is leathery, spicy and classic. It’s more exciting and mysterious than any other vanilla fragrance, yet it’s more addictive and enchanting than any of my richer, smokier or leathery fragrances. Plus the longevity is incredible!

If you like luxury perfume like Penhaligon’s Halfeti of Acqua Di Parma’s Oud & Spice, Tom Ford’s Black orchid, then imagine them with a little extra warm, creamy and boozy vanilla and you might get there. It’s amazing!

Thank you for reading my Electimuss ‘Vanilla Edesia’ perfume review. I hope It’s of help and interest! If you have any questions, please do let know! I’m always happy to help! This post contains press samples.