Can you wear the Chanel boy bag crossbody? + everything else you need to know!

Chanel crossbody boy bag
Can you wear the Chanel boy bag crossbody?

Hello friends! Today I wanted to do a quick blog post on something I asked before I owned this bag; Can you wear the Chanel boy bag crossbody? I have had this bag for 8 years now so I want to do a quick wear and tear review and show you if you can wear the bag crossbody and how it sits on a body shape and height like mine! Let’s chat!

The Chanel boy bag: crossbody?!

Yes, you can wear the Chanel boy bag cross body, however, it does depend on your body shape and height of how high or low it sits on you. If you are slender and petite, it will sit lower down and if you are taller and larger in the body, it will sit higher up. Personally I am 5ft 6in and I am a fuller figure so it sits a little higher up on me than I would like.

That being said, when I have my hands full and I just need to throw it across my body, it’s handy to have the option, even if the height isn’t perfect on me!

Where does the Chanel boy bag sit crossbody?

If you are slim and petite the Chanel boy bag will sit nearer the waist, but on me, a fuller figured woman of 5 ft 6 in, it sits equidistant between my boobs and belly button. If you are taller and larger than me you might find it’s a bit too high on you.

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can the Chanel classic flap bag be worn crossbody?

No, the Chanel classic flap bag cannot be worn crossbody and if you did, it would sit really high. The larger Chanel flap bag can be worn crossbody and looks great at this length, but the most popular medium size can’t be.

if you are torn between the boy bag and the classic flap bag (both in the medium size) it’s worth knowing the boy bag can be worn cross body and the classic flap bag can’t be. Read my full comparison here.

Is the Chanel boy bag strap adjustable?

No, the Chanel boy bag strap is not adjustable. I always assumed it was, because it has two holes which are fastened to two studs. However, there’s no further holes to adjust the bag, making this bag strap non-adjustable. That being said, there are multiple ways to wear this bag and you could add extra holes into the straps to make the studs fasten elsewhere, however, I wouldn’t recommend doing this as it would reduce your resale value.

Can you wear the Chanel boy bag crossbody?

is the Chanel boy bag worth the money?

The Chanel boy bag is a really cool It girl handbag. It’s casual, more subtle than other Chanel bags and really practical and easy to wear. I actually find myself wearing this bag more frequently than I find myself wearing the classic flap bag.

I love this bag because it’s quite lightweight compared to the classic flap bag, the branding of a little little bit more subtle and it just feels a little bit more casual than other styles too. I feel like it’s appropriate to wear on a night out as well as to the supermarket or the school run. I also like it because it’s a little less obvious.

Now,  let’s talk about the price. I paid £3000 for this bag which I thought was a lot at the time, however, it now retails for double that at around £6000 for the medium size boy bag.

Which leads me to the question, if the Chanel boy bag worth the money? personally I would struggle to spend £6000 on this bag. However, I was really happy to spend £3000 on it eight years ago. personally I would be looking out for this bag on the preloved market trying to find it at the airport, whether is Chanel duty free shopping. This would get you 20% off the price of the bag.

where to buy the Chanel boy bag preloved?

Vestiarie Collective

Bonhams Auctions

EBay – guaranteed authentic 

Can you wear the Chanel boy bag crossbody?

chanel boy bag review

I have had my Chanel boy bag for eight years now and it’s looking amazing with very little wear and tear. The hardwear hasn’t tarnished or started to smell metallic. And the leather is still as soft and buttery as it was the day I got it. The corners and edges still look good too!!

In terms of the design, I still think it looks as cool and relevant as it did the day it came out. No regrets here!!

I love the fact that it’s fabric lined as it helps keep the weight down and the strap is perfect as it’s mostly chain – which looks cool – but the part that sits over your shoulder is leather so it’s a lot more comfortable than a full chain strap. It also helps keep the weight of this bag down too.

If you are familiar with Chanel bags, you will know many of the styles of bags are really, really heavy and I love the boy bag as it’s comparatively fairly light. Making it lovely an effortless to carry, even if you cram it full! It adds to the casual, easy nature of the bag.

Personally, I would say the Chanel boy bag is a great choice, especially if you want a little more of a ‘cool’ bag which feels a little more effortless than the classic flap. It’s also marginally cheaper than the classic flap, which is great and if you wanted to buy it preloved you can find it slightly cheaper than you could a classic flap too. As an investment it’s not going to fly up in price, but after 8 years I know I could get my money back on mine, so I’m sure you could too! This bag is a treasure in my Chanel collection.

thank you for reading my post on Can you wear the Chanel boy bag crossbody? + everything else you need to know! I hope it was of help and interest. This post contains some affiliate links.

 Chanel boy bag and Burberry trench coat