Omg! I found a vintage Dior bag in a charity shop!

Vintage Dior bag
Omg! I found a vintage Dior bag in a charity shop!

hello friends! Today I thought I would share a little post and a few photos of my new-to-me vintage Dior bag! I found it in a charity shop and I want to tell you all about it… including how much I paid for it!

Brown vintage Dior bag leather coated canvas monogram

Vintage dior bag: the back story!

I found this bag when I was at my parents house, I popped into the charity shop because my mum said she had seen a vintage Burberry trench coat in there a few days ago and I wanted to check it out. Of course I was too late, that beauty had been snapped up, but whilst I was there, I had a snoop around to see what else was there!

My parents live in north in a fairly boujee town, so I’m not gonna lie, there’s often some pretty good labels to be found in their charity shops… but usually at pretty major prices. If you think that aforementioned vintage Burberry trench coat was a fiver, you’d be wrong, it was £100. In my opinion, worth the money, but not your usual charity shop prices. Also, I might be wrong, but most items are not independently authenticated and I once got burnt by buying a designer bag which turned out to be a fake. So do be careful. It was years ago, but I’m still gutted about it!

Anyway! Let’s get back to the vintage Dior bag shall we?! This bag was in a glass cabinet along with a vintage mulberry bag and I couldn’t resist asking to see it. I inspected the condition as well as the markings and quickly realised it was definitely authentic. I have other vintage Dior bags, so I knew what to look for.

My parents were waiting for my in the car outside, so I was conscious I couldn’t be too long, but also, I was really interested in the bag. It was £95 and even though I knew it was authentic, I wasn’t sure if I should splash the cash on it. After all, I’m a pretty unsuccessful blogger and stay-at-home mum, so I’m not flush with cash.

I ended up taking a snap, putting it on my Instagram stories and asking if I should buy the bag and shared the price. I reluctantly gave the bag back to the sales assistant and headed back to the car where my toddler and parents were waiting for me. By the time we got home my inbox was flooded with ‘buy the bag!!!’ Messages.

I felt like a fool! 

An hour or so later I was still thinking about the bag and by that stage I had even more messages telling me to buy the bag. I promptly asked my parents to drive me back to the charity shop so I could purchase it.

Just a side note here for my own vanity, I do drive and have a car, but I didn’t have it with me at my parents.

So we hoped in the car and got to the charity shop, the lights were on but they were cashing up and wouldn’t let me in to buy the bag. I was so close, yet so far! I felt like even more of an idiot for leaving it there!

We were leaving the following morning and since they don’t open on a Sunday, I knew I couldn’t go back. Thankfully my  mum supports my handbag habit and promised to go in for me on Monday to get the bag. As you can see, she got it!

How much should I pay for a preloved CD handbag?

This vintage Dior bag cost £95, however, they usually start at around £200 on Vestiarie collective but if you want a vintage saddle bag you are more likely to pay between around £500-1000. That being said, I’m not planning on selling mine, but it’s a decent investment!

I gave it a polish and the leather has come up beautifully. It’s a sweet little crossbody bag which I think I’ll use for casual days when I’m running errands and don’t need to carry much.

Brown vintage Dior bag leather coated canvas monogram Label

how to buy designer bags in charity shops?!

Also, just a quick note about buying designer items in charity shops. If you are paying a ‘proper’ price for it, always be careful and make sure that you are buying an authentic item. It’s worth asking questions like ‘has the items been authenticated?’ and if so by who; was it done internally by a member of staff, or externally by an independent authenticator. And generally, do your research and look online to compare the item with similar on sites like VC or I’ve done quite a few posts on authenticating items, so feel free to have a read of them too (for example this one on authenticating dior scarves)

On the flip side, if you find a luxury item and they are charging a ‘regular’ price for it, don’t be a d*ck and start asking about the authenticity. Just buy it (or don’t!) and do your own research or hire an independent authenticator to verify it.

how to authenticate a vintage Dior bag?

  • Leather should be high quality and still look good despite its age
  • bag should be well crafted and well finished
  • The inside of the bag should be made to the same high standard as the outside
  • The bag should be marked ‘Christian Dior’ and ‘made in France’
  • the logos and spelling should be well printed, and the exact fonts and proportions

Anyway! Here’s my bag! What do you think of it? Would you have bought it?

Brown vintage Dior bag leather coated canvas monogram  Brown vintage leather bag with monogram