Monica Vinader SALE! Up to 50% off!

monica vinader review and discount code pendant earrings necklace best sellers rings box packaging gold vermeil silver

Monica Vinader: SALE now on!!!

Hello friends!! I hope you are well! Today I want to tell you about the amazing Monica Vinader SALE!! It’s LEGIT GOOD! I’m going to cut to the chase, there’s up to 50% off!. Yes, you heard that right, up to 50% off and anything not included in the sale, you can still get 20% off with my discount link! Also, want to know more about Monica Vinader? Read my full review and list of best sellers here! 

monica vinader review and discount code pendant earrings necklace best sellers rings box packaging

Stock up on birthday and bridal gifts!

I know this is planning ahead, but bear with me! If you have RSVP’ed to a wedding this summer, or you are the bride-to-be, then this might be a great time to shop for your gifts! I can’t recommend Monica Vinader jewellery enough as a gift; it’s classic, timeless and makes a really beautiful and thoughtful gift. Plus you can personalise lot of items with engraving, making it even more special!

The earrings are an amazing and affordable gift and the initial and birthstone Jewellery is also really special. It’s all beautiful, if I’m honest, so if you want to buy a wedding or birthday gift in advance, now is your time! Especially if it’s up to 50% off!

Monica Vinader X Florence St George

Planet friendly!

I love Monica Vinader jewellery because it’s planet friendly. All their jewellery is made from recycled 925 silver and gold. They also use ethically sourced gems and diamonds. All their diamonds are either conflict free or lab grown, so no matter what you buy, it’s guilt and problematic free. They are also a carbon neutral brand. So you can look stylish, be generous and feel good!

Built to last

All Monica vinader jewellery is made to last, so it’s fantastic quality and comes with a 5 year warranty. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me! And I can tell you that as a customer of 10 years, I’ve never had any issues with damages and breakages, and that’s with a toddler pulling at my jewellery!

what’s Monica vinader jewellery made of?

all Monica and jewellery is made of gold vermeil; This Is 925 Stirling silver with a good thick coating of gold plating. It’s the look and finish of real gold, but without the hefty price tag. They use only recycled gold and silver which is better for the planet and all their gem stones are ethically sourced. As for their diamonds; these are either conflict free or lab grown… aka guilt free! So you can enjoy jewellery without any worry!

Monica vinader Flash sales

Whilst the sale is on, every day there is a flash sale where you can get up to 50% off. These items change every day, so it’s worth checking back in every day to see what’s new in the flash sale. But if your dream items don’t get entered into the flash sale, then don’t forget you can always use my link below for 20% off!

Get 20% off at Monica Vinader – no code needed just CLICK HERE! 

Go shopping!

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monica vinader review and discount code pendant earrings necklace best sellers