How to find Joyful gifts for everyone in your life *ad*

Give joy this Christmas with boots

How to find Joyful gifts for everyone in your life!


Hello friends! Today I want to help you find joyful gifts for absolutely everyone in your life! No matter what your age or interest, I’ve got you covered! As you know, I’m a toddler mum and she really keeps me busy, so this year more than ever, I’ve had a lot of love, support and kindness. Christmas is the perfect time to give back and say ‘thank you’. This Christmas let’s spark joy and make everyone squeal with delight when they open their gifts! Let’s go!!

What to buy for a toddler

What to buy for children who have everything!

When I think back to some of my favourite gifts as a child, it’s not clothes or toys, it’s often the activity sets I could rip into and play with on the day. Some great Christmas gifts for kids include stationery sets, craft kits, Lego and painting materials.

A bath toy or an interactive bath product is a really fun gift! There are loads to choose from like bath jelly, bath confetti or this Elf On The Shelf Foaming Bath Snow, for example! It’s something they will have so much fun playing with in the bath and making foam Father Christmas beards never gets boring!

What to buy a gym lover

What to buy a gym lover that will give them as many endorphins as running a marathon!

I bet you never knew Boots have some great gadgets for fitness enthusiasts, did you? Well, they do! If you are looking for gifts for gym lovers, I would recommend teaming up (pun intended!) with friends or family to buy some cool tech for them. What’s more joyful than circuit training? Tracking circuit training! My sister loves running, in fact, she ran an Ultra Marathon this year, and I know she would love this! She’s Mary’s Godmother, so I might buy her one from the both of us!

What to buy your best friend

Best friends are possibly the most fun people to shop for because you can go wild finding the most splendidly joyful treats possible! I often go for sets such as Benefit’s Most Wonderful Minis Full Face Gift Set or the Soap & Glory Wind Down Wonder 13 Piece Gift set; because they are both such happy, fun-loving brands.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without my friends this year, they have been SO helpful with giving me parenting advice, especially the friends with slightly older children. So I’m excited to treat some of my mum-friends to lovely gifts like these!

So fetch mug mean girls boots

Cool stocking fillers for hipster teenagers

Teenagers can be super hard to shop for because they are so darn cool! But don’t worry! I have the perfect suggestion for the coolest stocking fillers for teenagers; TV and film-inspired treats! What’s more fun than a Stranger Things tote bag or a Mean Girls travel mug. Boots have loads of amazing items inspired by their fave movie and TV shows, all guaranteed to spark joy! Alternatively, Soap & Glory always goes down a treat, as well as beauty treats like the Clarins Lip Duo Stocking Filler set. It’s perfect for teenagers, as it will make them feel super glam!

Fashion for lunch labels for lunch

Clarins set lip oil lip perfector

What to buy a teacher or neighbour

I love giving small gifts as surprises to people who don’t expect it; such as kind neighbours, library employees, post people, and our handyman and cleaner. For these people, I generally head straight for the Christmas deals or the 3 for 2 offers (cheapest item free)! I tend not to buy big things for these people as I don’t want them to feel like they should buy me something in return, so I tend to buy something small and joyful!

I usually buy a couple of extra sets just in case I forget about someone and get ‘caught short’ and I always pick things which I’ll be more than happy to keep if I overbought! The Soap & Glory Berry & Bright™ Candle* is a wonderful gift at £10 and it smells like winter berries! I know my lovely post lady will love one of these candles as she always comments on my candles; she’s such a sweetheart, whenever my partner is working away, she always stops for a long chat to keep me company.

What to buy a dad for Christmas

What to buy a dad that will make him chuckle

When it comes to dads, I always find he loves gifts he can use daily and thinks of his family. We often buy him things like new socks, a mug (or travel mug), soaps and hand washes. Sometimes we club together and buy him something bigger like a razor or toothbrush too, which always goes down well! My dad is so sweet, every time he comes to visit he brings his drill set and asks me what we want on the wall next!

There are loads of Christmas gift ideas for men at Boots so go have a look, if you’re choosing a fragrance, citrus or lavender is always a great shout!

Soap and glory ultimate set

What to buy a mum who still does everything for everyone?

Finally… what to buy a mum that does everything for everyone? Mums are so much fun to shop for because you can really go wild and treat them to something extraordinary that she will love all year long! There are so many amazing Christmas gift ideas for women at Boots and I’m personally still choosing between a few items!

I tend to spend more on my mum than I do for anyone else and I often get her a beauty set which she will adore but never think of buying for herself, like a beautiful YSL Libre eau de Parfum set or a super luxe set of skincare like Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum Gift set. If your budget is a little tight this year, there are some fantastic gift sets on offer, or you could club together with another family member to get something wonderful between you!

*never leave a burning candle unattended

Clarins gift set

Soap and glory candle


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