How going reusable can help save you money

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How going reusable can help save you money

With the cost of living putting pressure on all of us, it makes sense to try to find ways to cut back on expenses (without sacrificing your lifestyle where possible!). Switching to reusable options is a great way to do this, as you’re not cutting anything out, you’re just changing the way you go about things (not to mention it’s friendlier on the planet!).

Having said that, it can be tough to identify areas where you can make the switch to reusables. That’s why we’ve put together this post exploring how to save long term with reusable bottles, quick and easy ways to level up your sustainability within the home, and even a quick tip on how to make your morning caffeine hit a little kinder to both your wallet, and the planet.

Save long-term with reusable bottles

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to save some cash, consider switching to reusable water bottles. This may not seem like that big of a change (and in terms of your lifestyle it isn’t) but having your own supply rather than purchasing bottled water can significantly improve your cash flow. 

A simple way to work out how much you’ll save is to add up the money that you spend on bottled water throughout a week and then compare that to the cost of your chosen bottle. Once you’ve had your new water bottle for however long the price of it would cover in terms of buying bottled water, it’s essentially saving you what you would usually spend from that point onwards. 

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Get creative: repurposing and recycling

There are probably a lot of things around the house that you could give new life to by repurposing them once they’ve served their original function. 

Old clothes that aren’t fit for donation, for example, can be turned into cleaning rags. Not only does this help keep your clothing out of landfill, but it also means you’ll rarely have to buy a cleaning cloth ever again. T-shirts tend to work best for this in a general sense, while any clothing you have that’s made of microfibre is great for cleaning glass and electronics. 

Have you got a collection of glass jars in the cabinet, collecting dust? When properly cleaned out, these can be used as storage for things such as pasta, or if you’d rather not reuse them for food, why not consider turning them into planters? Many jars are the perfect size for growing herbs and spices, which provides the added benefit of growing your own seasonings! 

These are just a few examples of how things can be repurposed or recycled in the home, but you can get as creative as you want so don’t be afraid to try different things out! 

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Save on cafe coffee

Sure, it’s easy to recommend cutting out your morning coffee or simply making it at home, but it isn’t always that easy! Sometimes we don’t have time to make it at home, or cutting it out altogether is just not happening (totally understandable!). 

What if you could drop by your local cafe and still save a few dollars? Many coffee shops will actually give you a discount if you BYOC (bring your own cup), so you can find that happy middle ground of barista coffee at a smaller price. This is how the use of reusable cups is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Switch out the takeaway containers

Takeaway containers are convenient, but they generally don’t fit the portion size you’re going to want to consume later. That’s why a great way to avoid food waste (and save some dollars doing so) is to have a collection of reusable food-safe containers at the ready. This way you can pop leftovers in the fridge straight away for lunch the next day without worry. While there is an initial investment required, these containers will easily pay for themselves within their lifespan. 

Top Tip: Having a set of medium-sized containers for when you don’t need to use all gives you a little more lee-way in your food storage, allowing you to keep things a bit fresher for longer. 

Every dollar counts, so these quick switches can help you keep more money in your pocket while still enjoying the things you love. Happy saving!