Fashionable and comfortable vacation: how to make traveling stylish and enjoyable

Stylish Vacation: How to Combine Fashion and Comfort while Traveling to Stylish Vacation: How to Combine Fashion and Comfort while Traveling to Emirates

Stylish Vacation: How to Combine Fashion and Comfort while Traveling to Emirates

Are you going on a long-awaited vacation soon? Are you starting to pack your bags for a weekend break or a really long journey? Do you need help deciding what to take to make your trip comfortable and stylish? First and foremost, it would be best if you thought about your wardrobe after you have taken care of the main components of your vacation:

  • Tickets are bought.
  • The hotel is booked.
  • You have agreed to rent a car in Dubai weekly (if it’s a trip to the Emirates, for example)so that you are not tied to public transport and can travel without restrictions for your pleasure to all the fantastic places.

In this post, we will help you choose the best and optimal wardrobe for any destination you are about to travel to. 

How to go on vacation in style and comfort: women’s outfit options

Nothing restricts you in your outfit during your vacation – it’s your time, so you can experiment with fashion and express yourself through your clothes. If you have decided to travel to the Emirates, remember that the climate in Dubai is hot, and the best colors for summer are those associated with joy and energy, so you can safely choose:

  • neon shades
  • geometric prints
  • contrasting inserts.

In addition, you should ensure that you have neon shoes in your wardrobe, for example, orange flip-flops. The following combination will also be stylish and comfortable: beige high-waisted shorts and a powder bodysuit with thin straps. Choosing a top with lace trim along the neckline will add tenderness and sensuality to the image. The bodysuit can be changed to a cropped asymmetrical top. You can also add accessories to the outfit.

Regarding comfort and style, special attention should be paid to shoes – it is best to choose platform sandals. Also, a light, airy white jumpsuit made of cotton or linen is perfect for these shoes. A light dress with a floral print would be a good option. This outfit goes well with heeled sandals or casual flip-flops. 

You can also wear square-toed shoes with a small, wide, stable heel for comfort. You can complement the dress with sneakers or sneakers for maximum comfort and style. 

The best men’s outfit for vacation

For men, it is best to choose cotton T-shirts for everything (to lengthen the neck, it is best to take those with a V-neck). They are perfectly combined with fabric shorts of the following colours:

  • khaki
  • beige
  • blue.

In addition, most men choose cargo shorts with deep pockets and flaps on the legs for a stylish and comfortable vacation. You can put everything in them – a smartphone, wallet, keys, etc. You can also add a cap and sunglasses to complete the look. 

In addition, the list of stylish men’s leisurewear is not limited. You can take out expressive colours and eye-catching prints from your closet for your vacation. For example, you can combine classic knee-length shorts with a cotton T-shirt with a forest print. You can also look quite stylish in striped and checkered shirts. The footwear collection for vacation should include flip-flops, oxfords, loafers, and others. 

What you should take with you on vacation: a list of things

To make your vacation not only stylish but also as comfortable as possible, make sure to take the following list of things with you:

  • sunglasses
  • a hat and/or cap
  • body lotion against the sun.

Also, during your vacation, you can only do with a swimsuit and a thin cape that will allow you to diversify your style. If you are planning a holiday in the city, it is best to pack casual clothes in your suitcase. It is best to bring comfortable pants and shorts. Do not forget about outerwear:

  • bomber jacket
  • denim jacket.

It doesn’t hurt to take a backpack, which will be much more comfortable than a shoulder bag. In addition, if you are going to attend concerts or festivals during your vacation, you need to take care of the appropriate outfit. You can choose denim shorts as the basis of your outfit, which a top can complement with thin straps and other tops. If you like bolder looks, wear a lace bra without padding and a denim jacket over it. You can complement your festival outfit with cowboy boots.

What shoes to take with you for a comfortable and stylish vacation

It is one of the biggest problems when packing a suitcase for a vacation. If you are planning a rather active rest, choosing hiking boots with thick soles and deep treads is best. If you plan to walk around the city often, choose comfortable athletic shoes with flexible soles. During the day, you can go out in lightweight sneakers made of breathable material. In addition, if you are planning to rent a car in Dubai, the presented shoes are the most comfortable while driving.