Colourful Bedroom update (& my new Simba Mattress review!)

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Colourful Bedroom update

Hello friends! Today I want to share my colourful bedroom update and do a Simba mattress review! This room has been a bit of a work-in-progress for a while now and honestly, I’m still not sure if it’s completely finished (is any room ever really finished?! Or do we just change them as we go along?!)

Anyway! I’m so thrilled about this new update, so let’s chat!

Feather and black bed

Why we are updating our bedroom

You might wonder why we are updating our bedroom so quickly after our renovation, but quite frankly, we need to make some tweaks to fit our lifestyle better. Our daughter Mary has just turned two and I’m not going to lie to you; She often sleeps in our bed. What can I say, she’s a cuddler and our house is old and cold!

We only had a double bed, which was just not big enough, so we decided to upgrade the size to a super king. A king size bed probably would have been big enough and for the space better, but we figured we would go big so there was plenty of room for everyone… including our dog!


New arrivals!

In the Black Friday sales, we managed to find a heavily reduced (and very pretty!) Feather & Black bed, so we promptly ordered it as well as a Simba mattress and duvet, pillows and bedding. Thankfully because of the timing, I managed to find some really great prices which was amazing!

I’m THRILLED with the outcome, there’s so much more space and it’s unbelievably comfortable! There’s so much more space, there’s room to roll over (a luxury I didn’t have before!) and there’s better length space for my partners legs – he’s 6ft 1, so he struggled with the length of a double bed. The only drawback is that not all bedding designs come in a super king size and changing the sheets is a full workout. It’s literally a two person job and it’s exhausting!!

Sanderson floral Chelsea flower wallpaper

Feather and black bed

Feather & Black bed review

This is our third Feather & Black bed frame (we also have the bedside tables and trunks!) And I have to be honest, the quality of them is great, simple to put up, sturdy and they have survived multiple house moves over the years too. I also really like their metal bed frame designs, they look good and they seem to go with all decor decisions. Admittedly they aren’t the dream, but they are lovely, great quality and a great price. Also; if you live in an old cottage like us, these styles of beds are way better for getting through small doors and lower ceilings. They are a fiddle to put up the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s ok. I would recommend spending a little more and getting them to put it up for you. I think the set up fee is £60 and it is worth it.

Swans splashback any exton bathroom mosaic splashback

I was being a cheapskate so I didn’t want to spend the extra money, and I honestly wish I had. It was a lot of effort erecting the bed with a toddler around and actually, it could have been dangerous if she had pull something down on her or climbed under the bed when we were setting it up. So take my advice… pay the extra money and get it made up for you!

Simba matress review

Simba matress review

This is our third hybrid mattress, so I’m excited to be able to do Simba mattress review with a little more experience of the market. Personally, I’m a big fan of the hybrid mattress. Why? Because I think they are great mattresses, plus comfort and support wise, they are on a par with a pocket sprung mattress, at half the price AND they are better for the environment.

During my university years and east London rental years, I slept on a lot of dreadful mattresses. I’m not kidding when I tell you one of my rental mattresses dipped in the middle so I had to sleep on either the far left of the bed or far right and sometimes it felt like I was sleeping on a slope! Or the mattresses which had sprung so I had to position myself so I didn’t get a spring sticking in my back. It wasn’t ideal!

When we finally bought our first mattress we spent a small fortune on it – in fact, I think it took us two years to pay it off! It was so comfortable but damn, it was heavy to move and it cost SO much money! Since then I’ve been a hybrid matress girl! They cost a more reasonable amount, they move house better and you never have issues with sprung springs or similar. They are brilliant!

The Emma matress we bought was fairly good, but it was very very firm, so we had to buy a matress topper to make it comfortable, which was annoying as it was another £100 added to the price. As for the leesa, I found that really good, once I got used to it, but they no longer sell to the UK market, so that’s a no go.

I definitely think the Simba is the best of the three by a mile though. Comfort-wise it’s lovely, it really feels luxurious, but it’s still firm enough to be super supportive. Plus it gives the same support from the middle to the edges, so you really enjoy the entire mattress space. It was easy to set up and comfortable from the first night. I also love the fact that I can remove the cover and wash it. Especially amazing if you have a guest room or Airbnb, or even a rental property. There’s literally nothing I would change about the Simba, it’s great!

Simba mattress label

Super king baby!!

OK! So let’s chat about my new super king mattress from Simba; first up! It was delivered within day of ordering it, which was amazing! It was also delivered by nice men who dragged it up the stairs for me; which honestly was so good as it was heavy! It fit through all our narrow passageways and original door frames with ease and it was easy to unroll and set up.

Simba mattress review

As for sleeping on it, from the get-go it was super supportive and super comfortable. It’s a firm mattress (I try to go firm as it’s better for the back) and even though it is firm, it’s really comfortable and supportive. The top layer is made of wool so it’s breathable and never feels sweaty and the actual outside cover can be removed and washed. Which is such a simple detail, but absolutely genius. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a slightly yellowed mattress, so I’m thrilled I can remove the cover and wash it once in a while. Simba mattress review 10/10

Simba sleep duvet cover

b corp status

Finally, Simba are a b-corp brand, so they are adhere to the highest possible environmental and human rights standards. They are the first sleep brand to be crowned with the b-corp status and that’s really important and amazing. Also their beds use 62% less foam than other hybrid mattresses and their mattresses are 100% recyclable. All of that is amazing, of course, but don’t let it overshadow the fact that it’s incredible comfortable to sleep on!!!

If you are due a mattress refresh (which you should every 7-10 years) I can’t recommend Simba enough! They are great!!!

Moschino bag handbag shelves walk in wardrobe

Pink bedroom Gucci bag earthborne paint

what’s next?!

There’s a few more changes I want to make to this room. For instance, I want to put wallpaper up on all the walls and I’m tempted to paint the ceiling at some point too – probably pink! I also want to get some shelves up too, mainly because my dressing room is already overstuffed and I need more space! Finally, I think I think I want some antique vases to go on the window sills. They look a bit bare at the moment, so I feel like they could have something cute on them too! It would also be nice to get a few shelves up in the bathroom too. Again, because I don’t have enough storage space!

Speaking of which; are you ever really done with a room or are you just constantly making changes?! I’m 100% the latter!

ta da! And there we have it! My Colourful Bedroom update (& my new Simba Mattress review!) I hope you enjoyed it! This post contains press samples and some affiliate links.

Simba mattress review

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