Tried & Tested: Lands’ End Cashmere review! + Black Friday deals!!!

Lands end cashmere review

Tried & Tested: Lands’ End Cashmere review! Worth the money?

Hello friends! Today I want to do a Lands’ End cashmere review. As I’m sure you know, cashmere is an expensive yarn and not all cashmere is made equal;  which is why I thought a Lands’ End cashmere review would be helpful! Today we are going to chat about what makes cashmere so expensive, why you shouldn’t overpay for cashmere-blend and do a full review of Lands’ End cashmere! Plus I’m going to tell you about their Black Friday deals!!! Let’s go! 

Lands end cashmere review

Lands’ End Black Friday deals! 

Before we get started, I just want to let you know there are some epic Black Fridays deals on Lands’ End Cashmere! There is 30% off site wide, as well as up to 50% off on coats and jackets (the camel coloured coat I’m wearing below is from Lands’ End and I adore it!) So if you fancy shopping Lands’ End cashmere, or anything else on their website, there is no better time to shop! 

Why is cashmere so expensive? 

Cashmere is one of the most expensive forms of wool because it comes cashmere goats. These goats grow their coats much slower than sheep and only around 200-300 grams of hair is harvested per goat per year. To put this into context, it would take one goat around 3/4 years to make enough wool for a cashmere coat. 

It’s not unusual for a cashmere jumper to cost double or even triple what a good quality lambswool jumper can cost. 

Lands end cashmere review

what is cashmere blend? 

Cashmere blend is a wool which contains a small amount of cashmere in it, often as little as 5%. Whilst it does make the wool it’s blended with softer, it’s often a false economy. The small amount of cashmere will make the garment vastly more expensive, without the luxury and warmth of it being 100% cashmere. That being said, cashmere isn’t a particularly hardwearing wool, and blending it with sheep wool can be a good way to make it more hardy. 

If I’m honest, it’s rare I purchase cashmere-blend items, as they tend to be expensive for what they are. My advice is always check the label for the cashmere content and don’t overspend on it. Personally, I would advise you to save up and buy a 100% cashmere jumper instead. 

Lands end cashmere review

Is cashmere worth the money? 

Cashmere is 100% worth the money! It’s lightweight, super soft, warm and generally a joy to wear. If you look after your cashmere it will last you years and once it gets old and filled with holes, you can wear it around the house in winter too keep warm and cosy. I don’t throw my cashmere away until it’s little more than a few threads keeping it together!! I would rather wear 10 year old cashmere than brand new wool; there’s just something about cashmere! 

Lands end cashmere review

Fun fact, my Scottish grandma owned so many beautiful cashmere jumpers that she wrote it into her will that my mum would inherit them. They are decades old at this point, but my sister still wears them to paint in. How sweet is that?! 

Anyway! Let’s chat about Lands’ End cashmere, shall we? 

Lands end cashmere review  And lands end coat

Lands’ End cashmere review 

It’s probably pretty obvious, but I love Lands’ End cashmere, I think they deliver beautiful quality cashmere, at fair prices and great designs for both men and women. Plus, their range is really size inclusive, for instance, the jumper I’m wearing is available in a XS (size 8) to an 3XL (size 28-30). We love to see it! 

First up! Let’s chat about my jumper; I’m wearing the classic crew neck jumper, it’s SO soft and cosy! It’s a dream to wear and the print is super fun too! A lot of cashmere jumpers are made in plain designs and fairly muted tones, so I’m always thrilled with companies give us a fun print and a bold colour! It’s so cute!

I love this jumper because it can be dressed up with a cute skirt and blazer, or dressed down with leggings and wellies for a dog walk. Either way, it’s so soft, warm and cosy. It’s a joy to wear! 

Lands end cashmere jumper quarter zip men’s

Next up! I want to give this men’s quarter zip jumper a shout out! I got it for my partner and it’s a slightly thicker cashmere knit than my jumper, making it extra cosy. It is one of the more expensive pieces of cashmere in the Lands’ End, but it’s really worth every penny.

The design is perfect, the fit is lovely, the colour is exactly what he wanted and it will keep him happy all winter. In fact, he’s already hinted he might buy the navy version of it too! It’s smart enough for him to wear to work, but it’s also lovely for the weekend too. This is truly one of the nicest pieces of cashmere I’ve ever bought – and I own some really expensive pieces pieces cashmere – including a cashmere chanel scarf!

Cashmere funnel neck jumper lands ends

Finally, I want to mention a jumper my mum has; This is the relaxed cashmere funnel neck jumper. I love this one because it’s such a chic silhouette. It’s hard to find good quality cashmere in anything other than a classic crew neck or v-neck, so if you want a more beautiful neckline like this one, you usually have to go to one of the top designers and pay a premium for it. It’s so elegant, especially in the caramel! 

Lands end cashmere review

So there we have it! My Lands’ End cashmere review! In short, they deliver top quality cashmere for all the family, in a great size range with beautiful designs. My family are part Scottish, so we take our cashmere very seriously and Lands’ End has been a favourite of my mums for around 8 years now! You’re gonna love it! 

  • High quality cashmere 
  • Beautiful designs for men and women 
  • Classic and fashion silhouettes 
  • size inclusive ranges 
  • lots of colour options 
  • Look out for promotions for even better prices (there’s a promo right now!)
  • hand wash only, never machine wash cashmere! 
  • Black Friday sale on right now! Up to 50% of everything! 

Thank you for reading my Lands’ End cashmere review. I hope it was of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions, I also reviews their coats if you are keen to explore the brand more,  This post contains press samples. 

Lands end cashmere review