The ultimate self care gift guide! Because relaxation matters!

Self care gift guide Caudalie

The ultimate self care gift guide!

Hello friends! Today I want to share my ultimate self care gift guide! I’m really hoping that this post will be of inspo for anyone who loves to practice self care, but also someone who struggles with stress, is going through a tough time or a new mum.

The effects of stress is vast, so I’m a firm believer that any product or activity that can give relief is an amazing thing! Let’s chat shall we?

M&S pyjamas

New pyjamas or a bath robe 

A new set of pyjamas of a bathrobe is a lovely self care gift. It’s the kind of thing which often doesn’t get renewed very often, but when they do, it feels so good you wonder why you didn’t do it earlier! 

Mio liquid yoga range

Mio Liquid Yoga 

I can’t believe this price isn’t an error?! It’s amazing!! Two incredible Mio Liquid Yoga products for £15.60! Their products are so soothing and so relaxing, this is a steal of a price! The bath soak is perfect for a relaxing an indulgent bath and the space spray is perfect to use on your pulse points, pillow, in the room or wherever you feel you need it. It’s perfect! You can even use it to spray your furnishings so it clings to the sofa or curtains and smells amazing for hours! Incredible duo and Amazing value for anyone who needs a moment of peace!!

Green people Nordic roots Nordic Night cap set

Green people Nordic roots Nordic Night cap set

I love Green People skincare, it’s perfect for dry and tired skin like mine. This dreamy duo is a gorgeous and easy night time routine for skin which needs a reset. There’s always a temptation to buy detoxing clay masks when someone needs a little self care, but actually; hydrating and nourishing products are so much more beneficial for tired and stressed skin. Plus they leave you glowing and feeling fantastic!! This set is wonderful and it’s the perfect night time routine for men and women. 

De stress essential oils tisserand

Tisserand ‘The Countdown to De-Stress Kit’

I love essential oils for filling my home with scent, putting on my pillow or dropping into my bath water. They are so versatile and they really work to calm and soothe my soul. Tisserand make some of the best essential oils around and I love their sets because they contain beautiful blends and they are presented so they are super easy to use as bath soaks, room mists and pulse point roller balls. Which is much easier for anyone who doesn’t usually indulge in essential oils! 

yellow gingham bedding

Simba duvet or mattress topper

I once bought my mum a mattress topper for her birthday and she still talks about how it was one of her best gifts ever!!! A new duvet or a mattress topper might seem like an unusual gift but I promise you it’s a gooden, especially if they struggle with sleep. I’d recommend the hybrid duvet to make a luxurious gift; it’s so cosy in the winter and in the summer it dispels excess heat to help keep you comfortable. So it’s perfect! And a matress topper makes every bed extra supportive and comfortable too, I’d recommend Simba to help get a restful night! 

Parfums de Marly ‘spiced delight’ Candle

Parfums de Marly ‘spiced delight’ Candle

One of my favourite ways to relax in the evening is by putting on the tv, turning down the lights and lighting a gorgeous candle. A luxe scented candle is good for the soul and this one by Parfums de Marly is perfection, it smells like honey and cinnamon, amber, vanilla and tonka bean. Pure festive joy! 

Elemis bath soak

Elemis muscle soak

The Elemis muscle soak is one of the best bath products on the market! It is filled with eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, birchwood and so much more for a super soothing soak. It really helps sooth aching joints and muscles, and it’s just the perfect self care bath product ever! 

Caudalie face cream set

Caudalie ‘The Hydration Essentials’ set 

For a dreamy morning routine, I can’t recommend Caudalie ‘The Hydration Essentials’ set enough! This set contains the self care goodness of the iconic – S.O.S Hyaluronic Serum, S.O.S Intense Moisturizing Cream and S.O.S Moisturizing Mask. A dreamy hydrating trio! 

westin hotel soma bay

Spa voucher

If you have a little extra cash to splash or someone you can go halves with, then a spa voucher is a lovely gift someone who needs a little down time. There are so many amazing spas around the uk and as always say, as long as their bubbles, water and essential oils, it’s going to hit the spot! 

Affirmation cards

affirmation cards 

Next up… a gift that can go either way; affirmation cards. Some people love than and others don’t. But if you think your friend might love them, then it’s a great and affordable gift! 

OSKIA adaptive tan drops

Oskia Adaptive Tan Drops

One thing I’ve noticed about being a mum, is that you really have to streamline your beauty routine to the basics of what makes you feel yourself. For me, it’s impottsnt to have good skin and quick filled-in brows. But for a lot of my friends, they need a little lipgloss and self tan to feel themselves. If your new-mum friend is all about then tan, then these OSKIA Adaptive tan drops are perfect. Just use a drop or two with serum for a super quick and easy glow which lasts well and has an amazing colour. They will make her feel better in herself and that’s an amazing self-care gift! Plus they are SO quick to use, even for mums who have very little pampering time. 

Jurlique Rose filled bath & body products

Jurlique Rose filled bath & body products

Oh how I love Jurlique products! They are divine! Jurlique have their own rose farm in Australia and their products are filled with their homegrown rose essential oils. They are the freshest and highest quality around and once you try them, you will be hooked! Rose is wonderful for stress and self care because not only does it make you feel de-stressed and opulent, but it’s also really balancing.

This Jurlique Hands & Body set is perfect for anyone who needs a little self care and stress relief. It contains their iconic hand cream (seriously! There’s no better hand cream in the world!) as well as their body wash and body lotion. A dream trio!

This Works Add New Products To The 'Sleep Plus' Range deep sleep

sleep spray 

I’m a big fan of the humble sleep spray and there’s a lot on the market but the one I always go back to is This Works. It’s a little more money, but totally worth it! 


Art set, colouring in book or journal 

If you are buying for someone who loves to draw and doodle, then an art set is a lovely gift, if not, then I would say a journal. It can be great to get thoughts, words and lists jotted down and out of your head and onto the page. 

Rejuvenated collagen shots

Rejuvenated collagen shots

This one is inspired by my mum! She is obsessed with the Rejuvenated collagen shots! This bumper set contains 24 sachets and it’s truly the best collagen on the market. Not only does it boost your skin’s elasticity and reduce fine lines, but it can help strengthen joints, so perfect if you are buying for someone who wants snatched skin and also struggles with tired or sore joints. It could be a game changer for them. There’s something about a collagen boost which gives you an all over body boost!!

Hot water bottle matalan

Hot water bottle

A hot water bottle might seem like a traditional gift, but it’s actually an amazing treat. I love mine for cuddling on the sofa, cold nights and generally just feeling cared for. They are also a super cheap gift, so if you are on a budget, it’s an amazing self care gift! This one is from Matalan.

Versace ‘Dylan Turquoise’ perfume set

Versace ‘Dylan Turquoise’ perfume set

A perfume is always a wondeful self care gift. There’s nothing like smelling good for feeling good. I love Versace perfumes; they are high quality, long lasting, unique and fabulous! They are also brilliant gifts because they are real crowd pleased and impossible not to enjoy!

Versace Dylan Turquoise contains notes of mandarin, lemon, blackcurrant, pink pepper, jasmine, guava and freesia before a dry-down of woods and musk. It’s a joyful fruity floral and the perfect gift for basically everyone! I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t love this perfume!!

Versace ‘Eros’ Perfume - Pour Homme

And for the men, I have the amazing Versace Eros perfume! This is perfume is fun, feminine and beautiful for day or night. It contains notes of lemon, freesia, jasmine, patchouli and woods. It’s warm, sweet and addictive. A perfect perfume to give as a gift!

Versace ‘Eros’ Perfume – Pour Homme

Finally, for the men, I have the amazing Versace Eros perfume! This is perfume is fun, feminine and beautiful for day or night. It contains notes of lemon, freesia, jasmine, patchouli and woods. It’s warm, sweet and addictive. A perfect perfume to give as a gift!

ta da! And there we have it! Amazing self care gifts! I hope this post was of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions! This post contains some press samples and some affiliate links. 

Versace ‘Dylan Turquoise’ perfume set