The Hermes belt dupe you NEED to see!!

Hermes h belt dupe
The Hermes belt dupe you NEED to see!!

hello friends, I hope you’re well! Today I want to show you the Hermes belt dupe I found! This H belt dupe is major! It looks so good and it’s a perfect addition to any wardrobe; plus if you have been toying with the idea of buying a Hermes belt for a while, then buying a dupe can be a great way to test it out before you splurge on the real thing! Let’s chat!

What does the H on a belt mean?

The H on and on a Hermes belt stand for Hermes however, if your name begins with an H, it can be a really fun way to monogram yourself. Otherwise people will just know you are rich and you love luxury!

why are Hermes belts so expensive?

The Hermes belt is so expensive because hermes is a luxury brand and it’s priced accordingly to reflect the prestige; also they use the highest quality Togo calfskin leather and Palladium pleated hardware. Also, the Hermes belt is reversible, so the high quality leather is the same on both sides.

how much does the Hermes belt cost?

The Hermes H belt is priced at £725. This dupe is a lot less!

Is Hermes good quality?

hermes is exceptional quality however, you are paying the price for it. I have a number of Hermes items including silk scarves and jewellery and it is beautiful quality. If you ever decide to resell any of your Hermes pieces, you can often sell it on for more than you paid for it. The dupes however cannot be resold, including this blanket dupe which contains cashmere.

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is a Hermes belt worth the money?

if you love the authentic Hermes belt, then I think it’s 100% worth the money; it is expensive, however you will wear it a lot and if you ever decide to resell it you’ll probably get your money back, if not more! Always keep proof of purchase and any box and packaging it comes with to help retain the resale value. Also do not wear the belt if it’s raining, as the rain can leave water marks on the belt.

Where can I buy a Hermes H belt dupe?

if you want to buy yourself a Hermes H belt dupe you can find one here on eBay. It’s really affordable and it comes in loads of colours; it’s a great option if you can’t afford the real thing or if you want to try the belt out before you buy the authentic version! Enjoy!

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