The EIGHT best L’Occitane Gift Sets this Christmas!

L’occitane the best of collection gift set gift box
The EIGHT best L’Occitane Gift Sets this Christmas!

Hello friends! Today I want to share The eight best L’Occitane Gift Sets this Christmas. In my humble opinion, L’Occitane are one of the best beauty brands to gift at Christmas because their products are known and loved by everyone, the smell sensational and they are perfect for all skin types. Plus they are equally popular with men and women. Which is why I thought it might be fun to share my five fave gift sets with you! Let’s go!

L’occitane Immortelle skin care set

L’Occitane Anti-Ageing Face Care Routine

Next up! The amazing L’Occitane Anti-Ageing Face Care Routine gift set! This is a spendier set, so I would buy this for my mum personally, or you could club together and buy it between a few of you. But either way, it’s wonderful! The iconic Divine face care collection and presented like the ultimate gift it is! Perfection!

L’Occitane Limited Edition Hand Cream Trio

If you have a hand cream addict in your life then this Limited Edition Hand Cream Trio is the perfect gift! It contains three of this iconic hand creams, each in a limited edition scent and right now, if you buy one set, you get a second half price!

L’Occitane Bonne Mère Soap Collection

L’Occitane make the most beautiful soaps, they are 100% vegetable based, lightly scented and never strip the skin. A beautiful gift for anyone who loves a fancy bar of soap… in fact, I’m adding it to my shopping basket right now for mr dad!

The best of L’occitane

If I could only have one L’occitane gift set, I think this would be it!! The best of L’occitane; it’s filled with all the most iconic and amazing products in a variety of fragrances and it’s just SO good! It comes out every year and I never get over it! Well done L’occitane!

L’Occitane Gentle Shea Verbena Hands & Body Care Duo

This L’Occitane Gentle Shea Verbena Hands & Body Care Duo is the perfect kitchen sink duo. I always think a hand wash and and cream duo set is a lovely gift for someone who gardens or cooks a lot. It smells fresh and uplifting, it’s a lovely gift to enjoy throughout the day.

L’Occitane Almond and Flowers Gift Set

This L’Occitane Almond and Flowers Gift Set is small but perfect! It contains all my faves and comes it at a really reasonable price of £29.50. Perfect!

L’Occitane Invigorating Verbena Collection

I can’t do a gift set edit without featuring a perfume set and I have to say, this Verbena one a gem! It’s worth £82 but it’s being sold for £69, which I think is fantastic as I honestly believe the L’occitane fragrances are underpriced! Seriously! Has anyone else noticed perfumes going up and up in price where as L’occitane’s have remained really reasonable? Anyway! This set up uplifting, fresh and joyful and it’s great for men and women, but if I had to choose, I would say to give it to a man. It’s a great set!

L’Occitane Sparkling Verbena Trio

The verbena range is the perfect unisex fragrance. This set is great for a couple to share. Plus I love the little bag in comes in!

Thank you for reading my The FIVE best L’Occitane Gift Sets this Christmas post. I hope it was of help and interest! If you have any questions, please let me know. This post contains affiliate links and some press samples.


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