TEN self care gifts for a new mum

Olverum bath oil

TEN self care gifts for a new mum

Hello friends! Today I want to share TEN self care gifts for a new mum. Being a new parent is wonderful, but it’s also really hard; the lack of sleep and time, as well as the abandonment of any kind of self-care is taxing. Plus your hormones are all over the place and it can be hard to feel good about yourself. Especially if you suffered from post-Partum break-outs and hair loss (raises hand)

So I came up with some amazing self care gifts for new mums… let’s chat!

Gaia sleep set gift set review

Gaia ‘sleep set’

Here’s a misconception I had about sleep with a baby… I assumed once she was asleep, I would be so tired I would drop off to sleep instantly. Apparently not! It would sometimes take me ages to get to sleep and I would wake up frequently in the night too. An absolute nightmare when you are already sleep deprived and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

This Gaia Sleep Set gift is perfect for new mums because it’s super natural and super soothing. It contains a sleep-inducing body butter (also nice if she’s struggling with her stretch marks), a sleep balm (for pulse points) and a sleep spray. It’s luxurious, quick and easy… so it’s perfect for new mums!

Cult 51 skin care

Cult 51 skincare

Sometimes you want to indulge in lots of skincare and other times you just want to slap on a couple of products which REALLY work and get into bed! That’s where Cult 51 skincare comes in! This dream team  works hard whilst you sleep and leaves your skin looking refreshed, hydrated, plumped up and a lot more fabulous than you feel! Also, they have a Black Friday sale on right now, so if you are a fan, now is the time to buy! Thank me later!!

Lands end cashmere review

Cashmere jumper

There’s nothing quite like a cashmere jumper for feeling cosy and cared for. I wear mine until they are little more than a few threads and if I had been bought one for Christmas when I was postpartum, I might have cried with joy! Lands’ End have incredible cashmere and right now, it’s a great price too (thanks to Black Friday!)

Nest birchwood pine candle

Nest ‘Birchwood Pine’ candle

Next up! A festive scented candle! Why? Because it’s a fast track to feeling festive even if you haven’t got a tree up! I remember when Mary was born I didn’t have the energy to decorate for Christmas, so instead I would play Christmas songs or films and have the scent of pine wafting around! FYI, if you don’t know Nest Candles, look them up. They are without doubt the best luxury candles out there! No really, they are fantastic!

Introducing Olivia Rubin X Liberty London Homeware Collection

a new throw

Since I had a baby I have been obsessed with blankets and throws! I love them for covering her when she has a nap, covering myself when I catch up on sleep and generally keeping cosy when it’s cold. I even feel cosier when I look at them! A beautiful throw is something she will love and bonus points if you can find one which is machine washable too!


Olverum bath oil

Olverum bath oil

Next up! Olverum bath oil is the best bath oil ever! It’s perfect for aching muscles and tired souls. It’s filled with top quality and super potent essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, verbena, geranium, lemon, lime and more. You only need a few drops and it REALLY works. It soothes your soul and makes you feel revived… all in one! This cult bath oil really is perfection!

Child’s farm sleep set

Child’s Farm ‘Sweet Dreams’ set

OK! Technically this is a gift for a baby, however, a sleeping baby is a great gift for a new mum… actually it’s the ultimate gift! This Child’s Farm set contains a sleep spray, baby massage oil and a bath soak, all designed to help your baby sleep for better and for longer. Also, Child’s Farm products are brilliant for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin. At £19.50 I can’t recommend enough!

Margaret Dabbs bare foot treats

Feet Treats

When I was pregnant I had such achey feet and ankles, so if your friend has had similar, treat her to some feet treats! I personally love Margaret Dabbs, they have two ranges, but this newer bare feet range is a little cheaper if budget is tight. Treat her to the foot soak and cream!


Alexandra Kay ‘Me Time’ Essential Oils

Of all the things you can eat, drink or do when you are pregnant, the thing I missed the most was using essential oils! So when I was a new mum I was obsessed with using them whenever and wherever I could! These Alexandra Kay ‘Me Time’ essential oils are perfect for calming, relaxing and inspiring sleep. They can be used in baths, mixed with body oils, as room fragrances or on pillows. The options are endless! But whatever you do with them, when you are in that newborn bubble, it’s nice to have beautiful scents around!

Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile

Acqua di Parma ‘Magnolia Nobile’ perfume

I’m all about the sleep and scents with this gift guide, but I honestly think when you are post-partum / newborn phase, you don’t have much time or inclination to have nice hair and make up, so instead a way to feel good is to smell good. Especially when you aren’t leaving the house much! I didn’t really leave the house of months after having Mary, so a nice way to look after myself was with candles, perfumes and essential oils. Anywayyy….

Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile is one of my favourite self-care perfumes. It smells like sunshine, white florals, serenity and elegance. It really makes me feel so special when I wear it and it’s a perfect perfume for making memories too. It’s a truly lovely fragrance which feels like instant happiness and self-love. A gorgeous gift!

L’occitane Immortelle skin care set

L’occitane Immortelle skin care set

Finally! The creme de la creme of self care; say hello to the iconic L’occitane Immortelle skin care set! As you know, I love L’occitane products!! There’s something about the scent and textures that light me up! This trio is super luxurious, a joy to use and will leave skin fresh and glowing. It contains:

  • Immortelle Precious Cleansing Oil
  • Immortelle Precious Essential Water
  • Immortelle Divine Cream

Ta da! And there we have it! SEVEN self care gifts for a new mum. I hope this post is of help and interest, if you have any questions, let me know! This post contains some press samples and some affiliate links.