TEN Luxury gifts for foodies

TEN Luxury gifts for foodies

hello friends! Today I am sharing my top ten luxury gift for foodies. These gifts are luxe, but also realistic, I’m not suggesting oyster dishes, y’know? Anyway! Let’s chat!!

staub tomato dish

staub mini dishes

I have a collection of these mini staub cocotte dishes and I love them!! I use them all the time for storing left overs in the fridge, heating up food, making mini portions and even storing items in the freezer. They are super handy!

Forrist spices

forrist spices

I absolutely love these Forrist hampers!! They are a set of spices all themed around different cuisines. There’s lots to choose from but I went for the Indian because I love making curries and dhals. They are designed to be beautiful, useful and also less wasteful. Hard agree!

Diptyque cleaning products let’s talk about ‘La Droguerie’

Diptyque cooking candle

Last year Diptyque released a range of cleaning products including a cooking candle. Designed to freshen the atmosphere after cooking. How lovely!

Robert welch knife sharpener

Robert Welch knife sharpener

I am hopeless at sharpening knives the traditional way, it’s hard right?! Thankfully Robert Welch made a knife sharpener which is so flippin’ good, you will Think you have a new set of knives! Honestly! Every kitchen should have one!


Kitchenaid stand mixer

I tend not to buy many kitchen gadgets, as they can be a bit of a craze item. However, I class a kitchenaid as an essential. I use mine all the time and I adore it! It’s so useful and i love using it as much as I love looking at it! It’s a spendy gift, so you might want to club together to buy one (we did for our mum) but it’s well worth it!

Cornish sea salt company Co salt

Cornish Sea Salt Co.

A fun and affordable gift is a selection of flavoured varieties of Cornish Sea Salt products. They have salts infused with lemon and thyme, paprika, roasting varieties and So much more! Available from Tesco or direct! A great stocking filler!

english country kitchen beautiful kitchen plates bread bin country kitchen ideas

Vintage bread bin

If you are shopping for someone who loves an antique or vintage find, then a vintage bread bin is a beautiful gift! Try Etsy, eBay or a local Antiques centre. It’s such a chic gift!

Oliver bonas oil bottle

Oil bottle

This is something which is on my personal Christmas wishlist. I cook a lot so I always have the oil bottle handy, but I hate the way it looks. So I have my eye on this one from Oliver Bonas. It looks beautiful and it will be mega handy!

harvey jones kitchen navy blue miele oven

Le creuset treats

If money is no object, I would say to buy a Le creuset casserole dish – I use mine all the time! But otherwise, an oven dish is a great gift! You can use them for heating and serving, as well as making pies and pasta bakes. Super handy and a great luxury gift for foodies!

Kew children’s cook book

kew garden book

The Kew Garden book is a lovely family cookbook. It includes recipes as well as information on growing your own vege! So cute!

Homepride pie funnel

pie funnel

Finally a Pie funnel is a lovely gift! It’s affordable (this one is less than £5) and gives all the nostalgic vibes. Plus it’s a really handy kitchen tool as you really do need one if you are making a pie. Not only do they help to keep the shape of the pie but they also help release steam. And if they already have a pie funnel, then don’t panic, it’s good to have a few, as bigger pies might require two! I love this one from homepride!

Ta da! And there we have it! Ten luxury gifts for foodies! I hope it’s of help! This post contains some press samples and some affiliate links.