SEVEN gifts which will remind your best friend how much you love her

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SEVEN best friend gifts!

Hello friends! Today I want to share SEVEN gifts which will remind your best friend how much you love her… aka your best friend gifts guide! Let’s chat!

Diptyque 5-wick Candle

Diptyque candle

First up! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a Diptyque candles! If you’re short on budget, go for a travel candle, which is always a cute gift. But if you have a mega budget to play with, go for the epic 5 wick candle like the one above. I bought myself one a while ago and it makes me feel like a baller! An amazing best friend gift!

Zelens power d serum

Zelens Serum

Zelens is a real IYKYK brand! Their serums are truly incredible; filled with super high quality ingredients which are really potent and work wonders! There’s oodles to choose from, but I can’t say enough good things about the Power D serum or the Tea Shot serum. Sometimes you don’t need a big gift set, you just need one small heavy hitter! A great gift for skincare lovers who don’t want a 15-step routine!

Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Perfume Set

Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ Perfume Set

Next up! Who doesn’t love a good perfume for Christmas? I know I do, and so does my bestie! Versace ‘Dylan Blue’ is a perfect perfume to give as a gift because it’s impossible not to love! It suits everyone and it brings so much joy! It’s filled with notes of blackcurrant and apple sorbet, as well as florals on a woody base. It’s absolutely lovely and has incredible staying power too! This set is amazing and it’s currently on offer!!!! Amazing right?!

Monica vinader hoop earrings

Monica Vinader Earrings

Next up, a pair of Monica Vinader Earrings is always a good idea! Or a necklace… or bracelet! Whatever you go for, Monica Vinader is always a good idea. PS. Use my link for 20% off your order and read my full review here!

Jurlique hand care gift set on the go rose and lavender

Jurlique ‘on the go’ hand care set

If your bestie is a hand cream addict then this Jurlique hand care set is the one!! It contains six of their hand creams; 3 x rose and 3 x lavender. They are perfect for nourishing hands so they are never dry and sore again. Jurlique have their own rose farm and their products are sublime; especially the rose products and their hand creams are pure perfection!

Also, just a quick heads up, but Jurlique have launched their Black Friday sale and it’s pretty amazing! Look out for their hand cream, face oil and cleansing oils, those are some of my favourites but pretty much everything is wonderful!

FIVE Reasons Why The ghd Glide Hot Brush Is AMAZING! review frizzy hair

Ghd Hot brush: ultimate best friend gift!

The ghd hot brush is the cheats way of getting great hair in a jiffy! You simply turn it on, stroke it though your hair and ta da! It’s done! You can fully straighten your hair with it, or you can just your locks a tidy up and a defrizz. Either way it’s brilliant and I bet she’ll love it!

Tropic skin care favourites gift set

Tropic skincare ‘favourites’

Next up! A skincare set which is filled with bangers! I’m talking about the Topic Skincare ‘Favourites’ set. This is filled with all the best sellers and most loved products Tropix and it really is an incredible set!! It’s also perfect for anyone who loves natural skin care or struggles with sensitivity or irritation. This amazing set contains:

  • Tropic skincare ‘favourites’
  • SMOOTHING CLEANSER complexion purifier | 50ml  
  • MORNING MIST soothing toning essence | 30ml  
  • SKIN FEAST nourishing moisturiser | 20ml  
  • SKIN DREAM firming night cream | 15ml  
  • GLOW BERRY brightening serum | 6ml  
  • RAINFOREST DEW hydration serum | 6ml  

desenio prints stay up all night new york travel print colourful haul margate colourful home airbnb margate

Tickets or booking confirmation

Finally tickets or a booking confirmation! This could be concert tickets,  spa passes, Airbnb confirmation, theatre tickets, festival tickets or even plane tickets!!! She’s your best friends… you decide! But it could be a super fun thing you do together and a lovely thing to put in the diary and look forward to next year!

Ta da! And there we have it, SEVEN gifts which will remind your best friend how much you love her! I hope this post is of help and interest! Let me know if you have any questions! This post contains some press samples and some affiliate links.