Paul & Joe advent calendar 2023: what’s inside! Full contents!

Paul and Joe advent calendar 2023

Paul & Joe advent calendar 2023: what’s inside! Full content!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about the Paul & Joe advent calendar 2023; and share what’s inside! I’m talking about the Full contents! I’ve not seen anyone else post the full list of contents, so I’m hoping this will be of help! Plus it took me ages to read the tiny lettering so I hope it wasn’t in vain! Anyway! Let’s chat!

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Paul & Joe advent calendar 2023 review contents what’s inside

Paul & Joe advent calendar 2023: what’s inside!

Foundation primer 02 

Sparkling foundation primer 01 

illuminating foundation primer 01 

Powder blush 01

Cream blush 02 

Eye colour 001 

Cream eye colour 005 

Lipstick 002 

Lip treatment balm 006 

Lip gloss 007 

Nail oil 003 

The oil 

cleansing gel

Hydrating gel 

Herbal lotion 

Moisture lotion 

Moisturising hand cream 001

Hand cream 

Lipstick case 010

Lipstick case 001 



Paul and Joe make up

What you need to know!

  • Worth £225, priced at £84
  • available from Sephora
  • 25 day advent calendar
  • contains a bag, pouch, skin care and make up
  • cat shaped box

Paul & Joe advent calendar 2023 review

Every year the Paul & Joe advent calendar blows me away with its cuteness, but this years feels extra special! Maybe it’s the size of it, or the fact it’s a giant cat head, but whatever it is, it’s amazing!!! For sure the cutest advent calendar of the year! 10/10 for packaging!

As for the contents, once again, Paul & Joe have treated us to not just the make-up, but the skincare too. As well as extra treats. Last year we got a pouch and a hair bobble, this year we get a pouch and a tote bag! To my knowledge this is the first time we have had a tote bag and I love it!! What a lovely treat!! I love the way the bring their fashion to the advent calendar, it’s so cute and fun!

OK! So let’s chat contents shall we? So the first thing you should know is the make up is ‘build your own’ so in one days box you get the lipstick bullet and in another you get the case. I just want to point this out in case anyone feels disappointed that they come as separates. Personally, I love the fact we get to make our own and when the eyeshadow or lipstick runs out, we can just buy a refill. Which I love!

This advent calendar has a great mix of full sized make up items, in really wearable colours, as well as travel sized skincare and fun accessories like the pouch and bag. Personally, I would give the contents a 10/10. It’s so fun, wearable and useable! So good!

Paul and Joe tote bag advent calendar 2023

worth the money?!

As for the price, this paul & joe advent calendar has an RRP of £225, which honestly feels about correct knowing Paul & Joe. However, it’s being sold at £84 which is quite frankly amazing! It’s such a lovely treat and a really fair price, especially compared to other beauty advent calendars. Plus it’s so flippin’ cute! Oh and you could even buy it and keep the items you want and split the others into cute stocking fillers!

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