FIVE things you need to know about zatchel bags *review*

Zatchels bag review

FIVE things you need to know about zatchel bags *review*

Hello friends! Today I want to share FIVE things you need to know about zatchel bags and do a zatchels bag review. I have a few zatchels bags and I really love them! There are oodles of colours to choose from, loads of amazing styles and they have a LOT of fun with what they do too! Friends… let’s chat!

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Pink satchel zatchels bag review

They make more than just satchels

Zatchels are known for their satchels, but they make more styles of bags too… totes, phone holders, flap bags and barrel bags, to name a few! They also have loads of amazing colours to choose from including pride stripes and a super fun barrel bag with a flower on the front! It’s so sweet! And if you are looking for a Zatchels bag review; then all the bags are made in their factory to the same high standard.

Every bag is made out of leather & made in the Uk!

Are zatchels real leather? Yes! Every single zatchels bag is made in the uk in their own factory. Each bag is made from leather using traditional methods of craftsmanship. It’s pretty amazing! So If you are interested in cutting down your carbon footprint, this is a great way to save air miles; and as we will discuss in a moment, their bags last for years because they are so hardwearing!!

Zatchels pink satchel review

they have amazing sales

It’s true! They have amazing sales! In fact their Black Friday sale is on at the moment and there’s up to 40% off bags… including a lot Of their best sellers! They also have a summer and January sale too! So it’s well worth checking them out!

zatchels multicoloured backpack satchel bag handbag review rainbow

their kaleidoscope bags are so joyful!

Zatchels make kaleidoscope satchels (like the one above) and they are so joyful! Each part is made from a different coloured piece of pastel leather bag and it’s so pretty! These bags get so many compliments and they are so pretty to look at!! They also do an autumnal version!

Zatchels pink satchel made in England

Their bags are really hard wearing

Finally! Their bags are really hard wearing. The leather is really strong and durable, plus they are crafted well so that the stitching is also strong and tough. The leather is quite hard and stiff to begin with, but it does soften up, especially with use and polishing. But if you are buying a bag for the long haul, then these bags really do last well!

If you are tempted to buy yourself a zatchels bag, then use the code LFL10 For a 10% discount on everything on the website – including sale items! And on top of Black Friday sale items!!!!

NEW! Zatchels Micro Plus Satchel Review! lilac purple lavender

Pros & Cons of Zatchels bags


  • Made in England
  • high quality
  • Affordable luxury bags
  • lots of colours to choose from
  • Plenty of silhouettes to choose from
  • Satchels are timeless bags
  • many bags are custom made and can have slight adjustments to the designs
  • the straps have magnetic poppers making them easier to get into


  • The leather is hardwearing but can take time to soften

where can I use a satchel bag? & how to style it!

Satchels can be worn as classic top handle or shoulder bag style handbags. You can wear them just as you would either of these bags. I love wearing them with a vintage or vintage style bag. But you can also wear them with a Breton too, cute blazer and jeans.

Some people wear larger size satchels as a briefcase to work with their laptop in and others give smaller ones to their children for school. They are a cute and versatile look, especially for people who love vintage clothes and retro looks.

Thank you for reading my FIVE things you need to know about zatchel bags *review*. I hope you like this post! Let me know if you have any questions. This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

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