Family Christmas bucket list – with FREE Printable!!

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Family Christmas bucket list

Hello friends! Today I want to share some fun things to get excited about this Christmas! This is my family Christmas bucket list… let’s go!

Watch Christmas films

• Go ice skating

• Drink hot chocolate

• make a snow man (if it snows!)

• invite friends round for easy homemade mince pies

• Go shopping for gifts & go to a grotto

• set up a train track around the Christmas tree

Make a paper chains

• Make treats for the neighbours

• Have a “no screen” day

• Donate old toys to charity

• bake and decorate Christmas biscuits

• Write a letter to Father Christmas and put it up

The chimney

stage a power cut and play games by candlelight

• Make paper snowflakes and hang them at the windows

Why make a christmas bucket list?

Christmas is such a special time but with the shorter days and long list of jobs, it can go by in such a short amount of time and if you are not careful, you can plan to do lots of lovely festive things and then end up doing none of them. Which is why putting them in a list for everyone to see (and action) is a great way to do fun things without the festive season racing by in a flash! Also, if you every have a weekend, or even a morning (or evening) spare, you can consult the list and do something special rather than wasting the time.

Where to keep your bucket list?

Some people like to keep their bucket list on their phone where they can see it, but personally, I would let it get buried in my camera roll if i did this. So I say make it your screen saver OR print it out and put it on your fridge so everyone can see it!  

Are bucket lists a good idea?

Bucket lists are a great idea! They are fun to plan, inspiring and great if you have a tendency to be a little lazy, especially at the weekend. Also, at the end of the festive period, when you see loads of things ticked off, it is a lovely reminder that you had a lot of fun during the holidays and really embraced the christmas holidays! 

Printable family christmas bucket list