Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review: the rose perfume of dreams!

Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review

Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review

Hello friends! Today I want to share a Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review. This is a stunning rose fragrance with hints of spice, oud and fruits. It’s my second foray into the world of Electimuss, and i have to admit, the more of smell, the more I love!

I absolutely adore Electimuss fragrances, the quality is incredible – seriously, it makes other luxury brands smell like impulse by comparison. And the fragrance blends are superb. It’s a really special brand and I’m so excited to share this fragrance with you! Let’s chat!!

Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review

About Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’

This sensual rich jammy rose is one of our original perfumes and still a best seller. Vibrant and sensual with an outstanding Bulgarian rose absolute at heart, slightly fruity and laced with spices, blending into a warm, earthy base of patchouli, musk, vanilla and a light touch of oud. This is a must have scent for rose lovers.

Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review


Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, pear, cloves

Heart notes: Saffron, violet, raspberry, black tea, Bulgarian rose, pink pepper

Base notes:  Oud, amber, cedar, musk, vanilla, patchouli

All of Electimuss fragrances are Pure Parfum/Extrait.

Perfumer: Sofia Bardelli

Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review

What does Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume smell like?

I own a lot of rose based fragrances, but I have to be honest, none of them are quite like Electimuss Rhodanthe. This is sublime! It’s a playful jammy rose, with hints of spice, black tea, vanilla and plenty of oud. It’s also got some unexpected twists!!

Electimuss Rhodanthe opens with a rose accord which is slightly sweet with supporting fruity notes. It really does have a jammy quality; like baked raspberries with a squeeze of lemon. This sweet playfulness is instantly balanced with the dark spicy notes and rich smoky oud. It’s very much a rose and oud based perfume, but alongside its darkness and romantic vibes… it’s also quite playful at times. Which sounds impossible, but it’s not, this fragrance takes you on a journey! 

As the perfume starts to settle, you start to pick up on other notes; like black tea, pink pepper and cloves. It’s got a real ‘trade routes’ feel to it. The amber is warm and resinous, whilst the vanilla is deliciously boozy. It’s one of those fragrances which makes you think of dark bars, antiques, log fires and cocktails. It’s complex without being busy and it’s surprisingly wearable for both day and night.  

Even though Electimuss Rhodanthe is a really complex fragrance, the complexity is really in the details of the perfume. The dominant accords are rose, oud, vanilla and amber, and that’s what you enjoy for the majority of the time.

Finally, I can’t harp on about the quality of Electimuss enough. Every single note. Every single accord, is pure perfection. It’s truly leaps and bounds ahead of pretty much every fragrance brand in terms of quality, and the potency is incredible too. You really can smell the difference and because it’s so rich, it lasts the entire day without having to re-mist. 

In terms of other fragrances which Electimuss Rhodanthe reminds me of, I would say it has similarities with masterpieces like By Terry’s Terryific Oud, Floris Honey Oud, Penhaligons Halfeti as well as Roja Parfums Qatar.

Rose and oud lovers, you’re gonna love this one! I can’t wait to explore Electimuss more! They are fast becoming a favourite of mine! 

Thank you for reading my Electimuss Rhodanthe perfume review. I hope this was of help and interest to you! Let me know if you have any questions. This post contains some affiliate links and some press samples.

Electimuss ‘Rhodanthe’ perfume review