7000 YouTube subscribers! How much Adsense do I make!?

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7000 YouTube subscribers! How much Adsense do I make!?

Hello friends! Today I want to share some information on my youtube earnings. That’s right! I’m lifting the lid on 7000 YouTube subscribers! How much Adsense do I make!? I’m going to tell you how much I make per 1000 views, how often I upload, how long my videos tend to be and the kinds of things I post about. PLUS how to make the most more on youtube! Oh and I’m going to show you screen grabs!! Let’s chat!

7000 youtube subscribers – how much money!?

OK! I’m going to cut to the chase! This is how much  money I make every month on my adsense with 7000 YouTube subscribers. Last month I made £75.59, however, my average month is around £55. But there is SO much more you need to know! If you want to know how much I made from 1,000,000 YouTube views, check this post!

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My Youtube Channel Stats

OK So let’s get into my youtube channel stats:

  • approx 2,500,000 lifetime views
  • 7000 YouTube subscribers
  • Most videos are 5-10 minutes long
  • I post mostly long form traditional youtube videos rather than shorts
  • I make money from shorts and long videos
  • My RPM is around £3.50 – it varies every month
  • I upload every other day
  • I have over 1,500 videos on my channel
  • Adsense is not the only way I make money on youtube

7000 YouTube subscribers! How much Adsense do I make!? Watch my video!

press play on the video to see all the screen shots of my earnings!

Why do I still do YouTube?

honestly, I love doing YouTube because I find it really fun. I have such a lovely community on there and it’s a nice place to shoot the breeze with my audience. I do videos with unboxings, handbag reviews, the occasional vlog, room tours and make up reviews.

Have I ever gone viral on YouTube?

No. I have never gone viral on YouTube. All my growth has been very slow and organic. My biggest video has around 50,000 views and if took around 7 years to get there. My growth is slow but it’s steady.

how long does it take to make and edit my videos?

I tend to film and edit my videos my videos fairly fast. A lot of my vids are sit- down chatty vids so I tend to film fairly fast and do minimal editing. It probably takes me about 2-3 hours in total to make a YouTube video. However, if I do a video with lots of editing, it can take me 10-15 hours to make an 8 minute video.

What do I use to film my videos?

I use my Olympus pen with a 12mm lens or my canon g7x iii to film my videos. I also have a ring light which I use for my sit down videos. I edit using iMovie which is free on the iMac computers. I use PicMonkey (the free version) to make my YouTube thumbnails.

should I do a course on how YouTube before I start my channel?

No. Literally everything you need to know and more is already on YouTube in free tutorials. Spend some time watching some videos on editing, seo, easy filming equipment, how to make thumbs nails and get started. Courses can cost around £1000 and you might not even like filming videos, so it could end up being a huge waste!

How to get views on your YouTube videos?

here are my tips for getting YouTube views:

  • make videos and post consistently
  • don’t get disappointed if videos don’t do well instantly – some are slow growers
  • if something does well, make more videos about similar things. For example if you do a vlog going to a children’s farm, do more videos going to different children’s farms or zoos, or tips on what to take to a children’s farm. You get the picture!
  • Talk about topics you love
  • Do keyword research and try to implement a little seo. You will get better at this as you go along but even just basic seo will help!!
  • don’t expect to go viral and have 1,000,000 subscribers, be grateful for a tiny audience. I’m so happy I have 7000 YouTube subscribers!!