6 Simple Tips on Lapel Pins Maintenance

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6 Simple Tips on Lapel Pins Maintenance

Lapel pins, those small, decorative accessories that grace the lapels of our suits and jackets, serve a multitude of purposes. They can be expressions of personal style, symbols of affiliations, or statements of support for causes and organizations. These tiny adornments often carry significant sentimental value to the wearer and can even become coveted collectibles to those with discerning eyes. With their unique charm and appeal, it’s only natural that you’d want to take care of your lapel pins.

To help you keep your precious lapel pins in excellent condition, here are a few practical tips for their care and maintenance.

1. Clean and Polish Your Lapel Pins

Regular cleaning and polishing are essential to maintaining the visual appeal of your lapel pins, even if they are in storage. Dust and grime can accumulate over time, which could dull their shine and obscure their detailed design. Fortunately, to clean your lapel pins, you won’t need to buy any special tools or cleaning products.

Combining mild dish soap and warm water, gently dip your pins and use a soft brush or washcloth to clean the surface. Pay attention to crevices and the intricate details. Remove the gunk that accumulated in their nooks and crannies over time. Finally, rinse the pins thoroughly with clean water and pat them dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. This straightforward cleaning routine will keep your lapel pins looking their best.

2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

When it comes to cleaning your lapel pins, steer clear of harsh chemicals. Just think about the effort it took to design a lapel pin. That’s why it’s important to note that some chemicals can strip away certain materials, and you might end up damaging the accessory’s color and intricate details.

For really dirty and corroded pins, it might be tempting to use powerful cleaning agents. However, these can actually harm the pins by tarnishing the metal or causing enamel to chip. That’s why it’s best to stick to gentle cleaning solutions like the mild dish soap mentioned earlier. It also pays to invest a little time and effort in cleaning them, than to risk damaging your cherished pins.

3. Store Your Lapel Pins Properly

Proper storage is vital for preserving the integrity of your lapel pins. To ensure they remain in excellent condition, consider storage options, such as a jewelry box, pin cushion, and display case.

A small jewelry box with individual compartments or cushioned slots is an excellent choice for keeping a design lapel pin safe. This prevents them from coming into contact with other objects that could scratch or damage them. Meanwhile, special lapel pin cushions are a convenient option, especially if you wear lapel pins frequently. Along with a display case, they are also best for displaying rare and highly valued lapel pins that you want to showcase.

Remember to store your lapel pins away from direct sunlight and moisture, as these can adversely affect the pins’ condition over time.

4. Keep Lapel Pins Away from Pets and Children

Pets and children bring joy to everyone’s life but taking care of them can be challenging as well. They can be curious about shiny objects, including your lapel pins. To prevent any mishaps, such as accidental swallowing, make sure to keep your pins out of their reach.

Accidental ingestion or damage caused by pets and children can lead to serious harm, the least of which to your pins. Prevent these potentially lethal accidents by always securing tiny items like your lapel pins secure and away from your inquisitive family members.

5. Avoid Dropping Your Lapel Pins

Accidents happen, but you can minimize the risk of damaging your lapel pins by handling them with care. Avoid dropping your pins, which can lead to chipped enamel or broken clasps.

When attaching or removing them from your clothing, do so gently, taking care not to scrape or bump them against hard surfaces. An extra moment of attention can prevent costly repairs or the loss of a treasured pin.

6. Keep Your Lapel Pins Dry

Water and lapel pins don’t mix well. Exposure to moisture can tarnish the metal and damage the enamel. These could lead to a loss of shine and vibrancy. To protect your pins, avoid wearing them in situations where they might come into contact with water, such as swimming, or in heavy rain. If you find yourself unexpectedly caught in the rain while wearing a cherished lapel pin, gently pat it dry as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage.

Lapel pins are not just fashion accessories. They are expressions of personal style, symbols of affiliations, and even pieces of art. As valuable pieces of jewelry, they need to be taken care of and preserved. Whether they hold sentimental value or are collectible treasures, investing in their proper care helps preserve their beauty and perceived worth. So, follow our practical care guide and start taking care of your valuable lapel pins today.