What Is the Best Underwear To Wear With Workout Leggings?

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What Is the Best Underwear To Wear With Workout Leggings?

Choosing the right women’s underwear to exercise in doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can certainly feel that way. Workout leggings have a body-hugging fit that can make underwear lines more obvious. Added to that, many smooth or seamless underwear isn’t made from the most skin-friendly or sweat-free fabric. The best workout underwear is a pair you don’t notice, so look into seamless construction and be sure to choose the right fabric. 

Seamless Thong

Seams are where two separate pieces of fabric join together. In clothing, it’s common to have side seams along the hips to join two pieces into a three-dimensional form. This can create a bump along the seam line where the two pieces are stitched together. However, seams aren’t the only way to create a pair of underwear. 

A seamless thong uses only one piece of fabric. This is possible because the fabric, itself, is stitched as one tube-like piece. Since there are no seams where two pieces of fabric join, it’s easier to wear this style of underwear with workout leggings. 

If your main association with thongs is scratchy fabric or tight fits, you may be surprised at how comfortable a modern seamless thong can be. Like a 24/7 bra, comfort is a key design consideration. Less fabric means less underwear to notice or potentially see through leggings while exercising. The lack of seams and smooth construction gives a weightless feel that disappears on the skin, making this underwear one of the best options to wear to the gym. 

Sweat Proof Material

After choosing the right cut, pay attention to the material your underwear is made of. Differences in fiber type and weave can lead to different moisture thresholds across different fabrics. 

There are two main approaches when it comes to controlling sweat in undergarments: moisture-wicking fabrics and breathable ones. Moisture-wicking fabrics are typically synthetic, such as nylon or micro-modal, which is a more tightly knit form of rayon. Some polyester is also moisture-wicking.

These fabrics work to keep you cool and dry by repelling sweat. The fabric quickly transfers moisture out and away. Sweat dries more quickly and is more effective at cooling you down if it is on an outer layer of clothing instead of trapped against your skin. The downside of moisture-wicking underwear is that your workout leggings will get sweaty and need washing more quickly. 

Breathable Cotton

Cotton’s natural fibers provide a more open and slightly irregular weave than synthetic fabrics. This allows more airflow to reach your skin and evaporate sweat. Cotton also absorbs more moisture than synthetic fabrics, which has some pros and cons. The fabric will not get saturated with sweat easily, but it might appear, smell, or feel more sweaty after a workout than a synthetic fabric would.

Cotton underwear for women is a popular choice for those with sensitive skin, as well. Its breathability can deliver a lighter feel to those who are especially attuned to fabric sensations. Cotton is also more sustainable than polyester, nylon and other synthetics since it breaks down over time.

The best workout underwear shouldn’t slow you down or break the lines of your favorite workout leggings. Invest in high-quality pieces for the best fit and feel.