Rougham pumpkin patch, suffolk – everything you need to know!

Rougham pumpkin patch review

Rougham pumpkin patch, suffolk – everything you need to know!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would share a post about rougham pumpkin patch! This is an amazing pumpkin patch at Rougham Estate near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. We have been two years in a row now and every time I’m so impressed by how well organised, well thought out and affordable it is. So I thought it was time I shared it with you! Let’s chat!

What can you wear to a pumpkin patch?

A pumpkin patch is in a field, so it’s worth wearing wellies or sturdy waterproof shoes or boots like dr martens. It’s also fun to wear autumnal shades as it looks cute in pictures and compliments the photos, like mustard, brown, orange, forest green and burgundy. Kids also dress cosy in similar shades or in pumpkin print clothing.


Tractor play area



Hay bales to climb on

Photo display areas

Pumpkin washing stations

Hugeeee amounts of pumpkins and gourds 

Amazing selection of pumpkin and gourd varieties


Rougham pumpkin patch review


Parking : free

Pumpkins & gourds 50p – £10

Coffee, tea, loaded waffles, buttermilk chicken available from food stalls – costs vary 

Rougham pumpkin patch review


Open weekends from 30 Sept – 15 Oct, then daily 20-29 October 9am – 5pm. Last day 29th October

Address: Rougham Estate, Ipswich Road, Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9LZ

NB. It’s easy to find and well signposted!

Rougham pumpkin patch review

Rougham Pumpkin patch review

Ok! So this is our second year of visiting rougham pumpkin patch and even though it is a fair drive, it’s 100% worth it!

Rougham Pumpkin patch is really well organised. From the moment you drive in, there’s loads of people around to help you park, leaving nice big gaps so it’s really accessible for wheelbarrows and prams. speaking of which, there’s soooo many wheelbarrows, because trust me, you will need one! There’s a lot of pumpkins at this patch and you are going to watch to buy plenty!!!

So, let’s chat about the pumpkins shall we! Rougham don’t do just your big standard supermarket orange pumpkins, they have SO many varieties of pumpkins and gourds to choose from. I’ve attached a picture to show you, but there’s at least 18 varieties, maybe more! They have plenty of gourds, most of which are 50p-£1 which is around the same price (if not less!) than the supermarkets charge.

Rougham pumpkin patch review

As for the pumpkins, they are anywhere from £2-10, however, I will say this, I found an enormous pumpkin which I assumed would be a £10 one and it was only £5, so I can’t even imagine how big the £10 ones must be – they are called ‘the moose’!

They have so many amazing shapes, colours and textures to choose from. If you want to roam the fields you can go far and wide to pick them from the vine, or you can find plenty around the wash stations which have already been picked and washed. There’s also big boxes with giant pumpkins in by the pay station, so you can choose them if you don’t want to drag a massive pumpkin around the fields with you – trust me, the big ones are really heavy!

Rougham pumpkin patch review

This year they had a new pumpkin variety which is the ‘winter squash blush’ which is not only a lovely shape, but also a soft pink colour! It’s so cute!!!! I’ve never seen them anywhere before and I love having ‘special’ pumpkins rather than basic supermarket pumpkins!

I’ve bought some pumpkins from supermarkets this year, and I have to be honest, the supermarket prices are basically the same as the the prices at rougham. I know pumpkin patches have a reputation for being expensive, but i’m forever impressed at how reasonable rougham are. Not only are they the same prices, but it so much more fun buying them at Rougham and they are way cooler varieties too!

you can spend hours roaming the fields of pumpkins – honestly the patch is HUGE! Or you can walk around a small section and still come away with some great finds as there’s plenty around to pick up and buy. You don’t have to hunt for them, but you can!

Within the fields, there’s loads of cute areas which have been set up for photos. Everyone is really nice and offering to take photos of each other in front of the displays – the vibes are good! And because there’s loads of great spaces to take pics, you don’t feel like you are queuing to get a shot or your photo is being invaded by other families. Which is nice! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be posting pics of me with another family posing 5 feet away!

The pumpkins are charged by size and the staff are super nice so if you spend more than you want, I would feel confident asking to put one or two back. But I was actually expecting mine to cost more than they did! I almost asked to go back and buy more! Lol!

Rougham pumpkin patch review

On the other side of the pay stations, there’s quite a few food vans, they are all cute and ‘artisan’, serving things like loaded waffles, brownies, hot chocolates and flat whites, as well as buttermilk chicken. There was loads, these are the ones I remember!

Around the food there’s plenty of picnic benches and bales of hay to sit on, as well as mini tractors for the children to play on and a sandpit. There’s also a big stack of hay bales for the children to play on too! It’s a lot of fun!

Rougham pumpkin patch review

Honestly… it’s a great morning or afternoon out! You can spend as little or as much as you want and it’s just really well organised. You can tell they put a LOT of effort into it. The only complaint I have is that it’s SO good that it can get busy, but they have SO many fields of pumpkins (we walked around about an eighth of it!) so it never feels too busy, and there’s plenty of staff around to make things run smoothly. However, the food vans can get busy so the queues were a little longer than normal – that being said, we did go at lunch time! So it’s probably to be expected.


truly… I can’t recommend rougham estate pumpkin patch enough! let me know if you have any questions, they also do sunflower PYO in the summer! All pumpkins were paid for by me and my rougham estate pumpkin patch review was not a press invitation.

Rougham pumpkin patch review

Rougham pumpkin patch review

Rougham pumpkin patch review Pumpkin wash

Rougham pumpkin patch review winter squash blush

Rougham pumpkin patch review