Introducing Acqua di Parma: Christmas Candle Collection 2023

Introducing Acqua di Parma: Christmas Candle Collection 2023

Hello friends! Today I want to tell you about the Acqua di Parma christmas candle collection for 2023. I am such a huge fan of Acqua di Parma and their Christmas home fragrances never disappoint.

There are three home fragrances to choose from; each one inspired by winter holiday magic. There’s Bosco (inspired by pine), Neve Fresca (inspired by snow) and Portafortuna (inspired by log fires). Each scent is available as 200g candles and 180ml diffusers. And the collection is limited edition. Let’s chat!

Bosco is green and pine filled! It’s exactly the kind of fragrance I love for Christmas; with notes of pine, eucalyptus and spicy clove. I love pine candles and this is the one I am most excited about! 

Neve Fresca is inspired by winter morning; the slightly sparkling, frosted grass with the freshness of the morning. It contains sparkling notes of citrus and fresh cyclamen, mingled with the cosy and sensual musk and sweet sandalwood.

Portafortuna has been created to capture the magic, mystery and possibilities of the holiday season. There’s something about the festivities which is both cosy, but also exciting like something amazing could happen at any moment! This exquisite scent boasts deep, woody, leathery notes, with hints of cinnamon and patchouli. It’s warm, bold, rich, cosy and mysterious. I can’t wait to try it!


All of the Acqua di Parma Holiday Season Collection will be available from Acqua di Parma from the  1st October 2023. Which candle scent are you most excited about? Ps. I’ve shared a photo of the advent calendar below which is also part of the collection and rumoured to be the best one yet!!! PPS. The Jo Loves advent calendar is also amazing! 

Acqua di Parma advent calendar 2023