How to re-sell used children’s clothes! Where to sell and what to sell them for!

How to resell children’s clothing toddler where to sell children’s clothing

How to re-sell used children’s clothes!

hello friends! Today I want to chat about how to re-sell used children’s clothes. I have a toddler and she is dressed in second hand clothing 99% of the time. I do this for multiple reasons; but the two main ones are to recycle and to save money. I also really enjoy it! 

If you have children’s clothing you want to re-sell it,  you can make a good income and clear out a lot of space! Let’s chat about how to sell your kids old clothes! 

How to re-sell designer children’s clothing 

Before we move onto the ‘regular’ children’s clothing, I just want to talk about the designer children’s clothing. If you have super high end children’s clothing to sell; like a Gucci baby grow, Hermes cot blanket or a Dior snow suit, then you might be want to be more selective where you sell these items. My personal suggestions would be: 

  • eBay (start the auction at a high price and keep reposting it til it sells or set it up as a buy it now item, I’ve seen Gucci baby grows sell for close to £100 on eBay)
  • Vestiarie collective

Mary in a vintage Boden dress

how to re-sell premium children’s clothes (brands like Boden, Pepa London etc.) 

If you have premium children’s clothes to sell which are in great condition – like joules, Boden, Petite Bateau, Pepa london or Jojo Bebe Maman, then you might find the best place to sell them is on eBay, vinted or Facebook marketplace. I’ve seen clothes of these brands go for anything from £10-30 a piece. 

Tips for selling premium children’s clothing: 

  • Make sure you take nice photos and describe any flaws or signs of wear to get the best price
  • Share the original RRP in the description if you know it, so people realise they are getting a bargain! 
  • If these items are well worn then consider bundling them up, for example you could sell three pairs of Boden 18-24 month joggers for £10-15 on eBay. 
  • make sure the brand name and size is clearly stated in the title so it’s easily searched 
  • Start the listing at a price you are happy with rather than hoping it will get bid up, or set it up as a buy it now sale for a price you are happy with. 

Vintage Laura Ashley sailor dress

How to re-sell used children’s clothing – in bundles! 

If the children’s clothing is in moderate / well worn condition and by high street / supermarket brands (brands like TU, nutmeg or F&F) then you might want to consider bundling them up and selling them as a lot. For instance, you could sell a bundle of five 6-9 month baby grows, rather than selling them one by one. Not only will this be easier for you, but people will be more likely to buy them as it’s only one shipping cost. I’ve paid around £5 plus postage for a bundle of 5 vests and a little more for a bundle of baby grows. 

Places to sell bundles of children’s clothes: 

  • Facebook marketplace (it’s free to sell here!) 
  • ebay (listing fees / commission can be high but they might sell faster and for more than on Facebook) 
  • vinted (buyers pay fees for you, so list items a little lower) 

How to re-sell children’s baby kids clothes
Tips for selling bundles of clothes 

  • make sure everything is clean and well presented 
  • Sell items in age bundles 
  • put the words ‘bundle’ ‘lot’ in your title as well as  any brand names and the size range 
  • sell summer and winter clothes separately and at the beginning of the relevant season 

Vintage preloved next dress how to resell children’s clothing

how to sell used children’s clothing at car boot sales 

Car boot sales are a brilliant place to buy and sell used children’s clothing. I have bought loads for Mary from car boot sales and met some lovely mums along the way. I’ve bought higher priced items like Boden and joules, as well as lower priced items like Next or Tu. 

Car boot sales are a great way to shift a LOT of clothes quickly, and they tend to be fairly cheap to sell at too. In my area the going rate to sell at a car boot sale is Around £5-8, so it can be a really affordable way to sell a lot of clothes in one day. They might sell for a little less here, but it will be quicker and easier than listing them online. 

in my experience of shopping for children’s clothes at car boot sales, I’ve found a lot of ‘basics’ like vests and baby grows are around 50p an item and the more ‘luxury’ brands like joules, Boden and Jojo Maman Bebe are a little more, maybe around £2 or £3 an item. That being said, sometimes it’s 50p an item because people just want rid of them, and sometimes they want a little more; like £5 for a Boden dress or jacket. 

Tips for selling children’s clothing at car boot sales

  • make sure everything is clean and fairly well presented 
  • consider selling the ‘better’ items hung up on a rail and individually priced 
  • Sell the cheaper / basic items in boxes and put each age in a different box which is clearly marked. So if people are looking for ages 2-3 they can just rummage through that box 
  • people might try and haggle with you so be ready to do a bundle price or know what you want for each piece so you aren’t on the spot! 

How to resell children’s clothing toddler where to sell children’s clothing

If you want to give your children’s old clothes away! 

Finally, if you have a whole stash of children’s clothing and you are interested in re-selling it and you would instead like to give it to a mum who needs it, then you can donate it. Here are some great places to donate children’s clothing to: 

  • List it as free on Facebook marketplace 
  • donate to a local charity shop 
  • List it on freecycle 
  • put it on mumsnet or peanut 
  • give it to your health visitor to pass onto other mums 
  • If your child is in nursery school, often mums drop old clothing off for mums with younger children 
  • offer it to a friend who’s pregnant – they might not want to ask! 
  • if you can find a local womens shelter, you can donate items to them. However, these can be hard to find as they are often fairly secretive locations to protect women. You might need to drop it off at another centre to be sent on

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Finally, I just want to say, if you are a new mum and struggling for money. Please don’t feel bad for buying second hand stuff – I had everything from a second hand breast pump to second hand vests and baby grows. There are so many reasons to buy second hand; it’s good to recycle, it’s cheaper, they grow SO fast that they might only wear things once or twice and when they are older and start throwing food around and digging through soil, you won’t be freaking out that they are ruining that brand new £40 outfit! 

I also found it really fun hunting for cool childrens in local charity shops and feeling so excited when I found a pink joules gilet for 50p (that really did happen!!) and buying things in bundles is really convenient too. For instance, I would buy a bundle of 8 baby grows on eBay and that was all the baby grows she needed for that age group. Another mum had done the hard work of finding the cute designs, and I got to purchase all the sleep suits I needed in one easy purchase! And for less!

Even if we were loaded and we could afford to buy everything new without thinking about it, I would still buy second hand because I would rather recycle and I’d put the money I saved into an isa for her!

Ta da! And there we have it! How to resell children’s clothes. I really hope this post is of help!  This post contains some affiliate links.