FIVE things you need to know about Organic Relief products!

Organic relief

FIVE things you need to know about Organic Relief products!

Hello friends! Today I want to share FIVE things you need to know about Organic Relief products! I was introduced to Organic Relief because I’m quite a stressed person and I have always been a troubled sleeper, so I’m forever looking for natural ways to get a good nights sleep. Personally I find CBD products brilliant and I want to share a few things you need to know about Organic Relief… let’s chat!

Natural, legal, vegan and 3rd party tested

It’s important to know that CBD is completely legal and if you were to have a drugs test, you would test negative. Organic Relief are proud to have some of the highest quality on the market. It’s natural, organic, THC free, vegan and 3rd party tested, so you can be 100% confident. It can help with stress, sleeplessness, and pain relief. It won’t get you high and it’s not addictive.

Organic relief

Choose between balms, oils, capsules and gummies

There are multiple ways to take CBD and organic relief give you plenty of options to take their 100% natural, vegan and organic CBD.

  • Balms – great for targeted relief for joint and muscle pain
  • Gummies – taste great! Especially the cola flavour!
  • Oils – this is a great way to take as little as you want. If you are new to CBD, it’s worth trying just one or two drops to figure out what is the perfect amount for you.
  • Capsules – these are great if want added goodness like tumeric and vitamin D. There’s also the Chill Pills which are really handy for managing daily stress whenever you need.

Earn points and save money

Right now, there is a discount code so you can save 50% on your order, but there is also a reward system where you can earn points when you shop to use on future purchases. Organic Relief want their products to be accessible for all budgets.

The also sell sea moss

Organic relief also sell Sea Moss, which is amazing but fairly specialist! This is a superfood of the sea, it is amazing for the immune system and heart health. It contains prebiotics, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iodine, it’s also a great source of iron and vitamins C and A.

Strength & flavour options

Finally, all Organic Relief products are Co2 extracted, which is the gold standard for CBD extraction and there are varying strengths to choose from, so there is something for everyone. Their oils are also infused with strawberry and peppermint, which is perfect for those who want a nicer taste but prefer oils to gummies.

Ta da! And there we have it! FIVE things you need to know about Organic Relief products! This post contains press samples.

Organic relief