FIVE reasons why you should wear a coin necklace!

Monica vinader coin necklace why do people wear coin necklaces coin necklace meaning gold bullion necklace

FIVE reasons why you should wear a coin necklace!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about one of my favourite styles of pendant… the humble coin necklace! I want to share FIVE reasons why you should wear a coin necklace! Also, before we get started, mine are all from Monica Vinader. Click this link to get 20% off these pendants and anything else at Monica Vinader! Enjoy!

I used to work in the jewellery industry, so I’m always interested in which pieces stand the test of time and become fashion investments. And for me, coins pendants are as classic as a diamond solitaire ring or a string of pearls…. And on top of that, they can be be layered up to give a really edgy look and they can also represent so much too. Coin necklaces are more than just a pretty pendant! Let’s chat! 

Coin necklaces have a rich history & can help you manifest your future 

Why do people wear coin necklaces? Because traditionally coin necklaces have been worn as a sign of wealth as well as a way to keep your wealth safe. Much like the safest place to keep a ring is on your finger, traditionally, the safest place to store your money was around your neck. Also, these coin necklaces were passed down from generations to generations as heirlooms. Coin necklaces were the original family jewels. 

Luck & prosperity 

Traditionally coin necklaces have been worn as a lucky charm to bring luck and prosperity. If you want to manifest a wealthy life, then a coin around your neck is a great place to start. It serves as a daily reminder to work hard and look after your money, as well as a way to channel wealth into your life. 

Why do people wear coin necklaces

They transcend fashion trends 

Fashion trends are constantly changing but there’s always a few things that will stay relevant, because they are classic. These items include a gold wedding band, a diamond solitaire ring, Pearl or diamond earrings and a gold coin necklace. 

Furthermore, iconic fashion brands like Chanel have long used a coin pendant in their designs. Further cementing its place in fashion history. 

Coins can be used to represent history & heritage 

Coins can be a beautiful way to remember and represent your family heritage. For example, Americans from Irish decent might want to wear old Irish coins around their neck, or an Italian living in Australia might want to wear Italian coins to feel closer to their culture and family. It can also be a talking point as people who recognise the coins will want to strike up a conversation with you.

Monica vinader gold bullion coin necklaces

Some gold bullion necklaces have been enamelled and drilled to make them into jewellery, where as others have been cast into a mould and then cast in silver or gold. Both look beautiful. 

Similarly, if you have a deep connection to a country, for example, you were married in the Maldives, you might want to wear a Maldivian rufiyaa around your neck. How chic would that be? 

Coin necklace meanings why people wear them manifestation jewellery

They look stylish 

Coin necklaces always look stylish. They are a classic piece of jewellery which never goes out of style and they can be worn in the day with a casual shirt and jeans, or dressed up in the evening with a party dress. They always look chic and effortless! They also have a real ‘quiet luxury’ feel to them. Plus because they are a simple round shape, they suit every neckline and look great worn alone or layered up with more coins pendants or other shaped pendants.

Thank you for reading my FIVE reasons why you should wear a coin necklace! I hope it was of help and interest! This post contains affiliate links.

Monica vinader coin necklace gold bullion coin necklace

Monica vinader coin necklaces gold bullion coin necklace