FIVE Feather & Down gift sets… what to buy a troubled sleeper

Feather and down gift set
FIVE Feather & Down gift sets… what to buy a troubled sleeper

Hello friends! Today I want to share my top five Feather & Down gift sets! These are all super relaxing and designed to help promote sleep. They would be perfect for troubled sleepers, new mums, night shift workers, jet-setters and generally anyone who’s a bit of a stress head and needs to chill out before they nod off.

One of the things I love about Feather & Down is the fact that their products are really lovely quality but also affordable price points, so some of these gift sets cost as little as £6! Pretty amazing right? Let’s get into it!

Feather and down Serenity Duo gift set sleep spray

Serenity Duo

First up! The Serenity Duo set! This is £12 from Boots and it’s currently part of the 3 for 2 gift set deal (amazing!) and it contains their award winning pillow spray as well as a eye mask. This set is perfect for anyone who travels a lot; the sleep spray can be used to help get sleep In a new time zone and the mask is perfect for long flights.

Feather & down moments of calm gift set

Moments of calm

Next up! This cute Moments of Calm set is one of my favourites! Again, it contains their award winning sleep spray, as well as a hand cream. A perfect combo and great for £9, this one is also part of the boots 3 for 2 deal!

Feather and down gift set

Tranquil Treat

Can you believe this Tranquil Treat set is £5?! It’s the perfect token gift for a school teacher or teachers assistant or maybe even a neighbour. It contains the pillow spray and bath essence…. it’s tiny but perfect!

Massage to sleep Feather and down

Massage To Sleep

This one is for the bath lovers! The Massage to sleep set contains a pillow spray, bath essence and massage soap bar. It’s from boots (hey 3 for 2 deal!) and it’s £12. I love a good bath so I’m really into this set, but if you are shopping for a ‘shower person’, then you need to check out the next one!

Feather and down moments of well-being gift set

Moments of Wellbeing

Finally, the Moments of Wellbeing set is from Superdrug and it’s priced at £10 – down from £15. It contains the sleep spray as well as the melting shower cream and a classic bar of soap. It’s such incredible value and perfect for those who prefer baths to showers. If I was buying a secret santa gift, I would buy this or the Massage To Sleep set. But they are both fantastic!

Ta da! And there we have it! FIVE Feather & Down gift sets, all of which are amazing for troubled sleepers, or just someone who likes to really relax and enjoy bedtime! This post contains press samples.