Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance review

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance Review

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance

Hello friends! Today we are reviewing the amazing luxe oud fragrance, Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance. This is a leathery oud unisex fragrance with hints of fresh fruits and florals and Spice. It’s fantastic! Let’s chat!

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance Review

“Inspired by the Aquila constellation of the eagle, this cosmic perfume expresses the power and beauty of the mighty eagle soaring. To the Romans, Aquila was King of the Skies and a zodiac sign representing beauty, light and immortality.

Our presentation is unashamedly luxurious and we are excited to be presenting a brand new midnight blue bottle: a precious jewel adorned with shimmering gold stars with the Aquila constellation hidden within.”

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance

What does Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ smell like?

Olfactive Family: Bright fresh fruity leather

Top Notes

Cardamom oil Guatemala LMR
Raspberry Accord

Heart notes

Rose Abs Turkish LMR
Geranium Oil Egypt Pure oil

Base notes

Leather Accord
Patchouli Coeur n3 LMR
Labdanum Resinoid LMR
White Oud accord
Violet Leaf Abs Egypt LMR

*LMR ingredients are the highest quality natural perfume ingredients

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance

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Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance review

Oh Lordy! This is the kind of fragrance which makes me go weak at the knees! It’s absolutely splendid! 

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ Is truly a unisex masterpiece. It’s multi-layered, rich and mysterious, but it’s also got a real freshness to it. If I had to describe it in a few words, I would say it is a pristine quality, intoxicating clean oud

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ is a perfect oud. The oud is softened with notes of leather,  patchouli and labdanum, so the smoky deep notes are more textured and warm. It’s further softened with velvety rose and geranium oil, both of which give the fragrance a bit more of a heritage vibe. Finally, there is a big twist… a hint of cardamom and raspberry!!

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance

Raspberry??? Yes raspberry! It’s unexpected and I wouldn’t have picked up on it if I hadn’t have read it, but it’s definitely in there. It’s not what you would expect; it’s not overly sweet, nor is it youthful or cloring. Instead it’s woody, wild, delicious red berry. A little like cassis or pomegranate would be, but a little more playful. It’s subtle but it’s there and alongside the florals and spice it beautifully balances out the darker moodier notes. 

To my nose the dominant accords of this fragrance are the leathers, woods and ouds, but it’s beautifully balanced with the fruit, florals and spice to give a wonderfully warm and rich fragrance. It’s majestic! 

In terms of fragrances it reminds me of, it reminds me of Roja Parfums, I can’t quite put my finger on which one, but maybe somewhere between Fetish and Qatar. It also reminds me a little Acqua di Parma’s Oud & Spice. If you like those kinds of fragrances, I think you will like this one too! 

Thank you for reading my Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance review. I hope it was of help! Let me know if you have any questions! This post contains press samples.

Electimuss ‘Aquila Absolute’ fragrance Review perfume