20 Ideas: What to buy a toddler mum for Christmas!

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20 gift Ideas: What to buy a toddler mum for Christmas!

hello friends! Today I want to share 20 ideas of what to buy a toddler mum for Christmas! As a toddler mum myself, I thought about what great gifts I would like and what I would give my friends. I really hope this post is of help and interest! Let’s go!

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stud earrings

First up! Stud earrings! Mary loves to grab my jewellery, so stud earrings are the best jewellery to buy as they are the least easy to grab for.


Always a good gift for a toddler mum, you can never have too much of it as they loveeeee to mix those colours!

Johnson’s wildflower seed mix

Wildflower seeds

Johnson’s Wildflower Seed mix are a great gift for toddler mums as they can go for walks with their little ones to scatter flower seeds. A lovely afternoons’ activity and it’s free!


Because the end of the day; every mum just wants to sit on the sofa with their child in bed and eat some chocs.

le creuset mugs rainbow fathers day gift guide

mug / travel mug

Or a regular mug, but a travel mug is especially handy!

Shower treats

When you’ve had a hard toddler day, all you really want is a hot bath with really good products! However, there’s not always the time for a long soak, so the best option is bath & shower set so if there’s no time for a bath, she can enjoy it in the shower instead. Personally I adore C.O Bigelow’s uplifting and refreshing Rosemary & Mint set.

labels for lunch blog bathroom renovation asos curve pink cardigan

A cardigan with pockets

Mums love a cardigan because they are mega easy to throw on before running after their child, but try and find one with pockets to really bring the joy!

a soft play subscription

a little more of a spendy gift but a years pass for a local petting zoo, farm or soft play would be an epic gift!

Lizi's Digestive Health Granola fashion for lunch labels for lunch

home made granola

…or a cake! But a big jar of homemade granola will last a while and be so joyful for snacking on and breakfast times.

a magazine subscription

Magazines are great for mums as they are more bitesize than books. Imagine having the time to read a book?!

Sistema snack and lunch boxes

Snack packs

Next up! How about a gift for mum and toddler? A cute idea for an affordable gift would be Sistema snack boxes! You could buy a selection and fill them with treats! It’s fun and thoughtful and you never know, it might introduce the toddler to a new snack and save the mum when she’s in a snack emergency! These ones from Sistema (available at Tesco) are made from 100% recycled ocean bound plastic. So it’s supporting a great cause!

audible subscription

the truth is, most mums don’t have the time to read books, but they do have the time to listen to books. Great for chore time and driving. An Audible subscription is a great gift!

Feather and down sleep set moments of calm

Sleep treats

A lot of mums don’t have much time for self care so  sleepy treats (like sleep sprays) are easier to fit into their evening than face mask and long baths. Personally I’m a huge fan of Feather & Downs products and this hand cream and sleep spray set is lovely for busy mums!

Dressing gown

Similarly, it likely their dressing gown got ruined during those newborn days, so why not treat them to a new soft fluffy dressing gown?!

New pyjamas

Because who doesn’t love a new pair of Jim-jams?!

Nest 'Birchwood Pine'  candle

A really good scented candle

Again! We all love a scented candle, especially after a hard day! Nest candles are 100% the best candles ever. Ever!!! The scents, the projection… they are incredible!

gift voucher for their fave clothes shop

mums often don’t spend much money on their clothes because they no longer have it – it gets taken up by buying their children things! So treat them to a gift voucher from their fave shop!

a radio for their kitchen

If she doesn’t have a radio for the kitchen, it’s honestly one of the greatest gifts, especially if it’s a VQ radio. They have Alexa built in and they can connect to your phone so you can play your audio books out of it or your Spotify playlists… or just use the regular DAB function. Oh and speaker quality is top notch!


I’m gonna be honest, if the mum is working, a lot of her earnings will go on childcare, and if she’s not working, she won’t have much spare cash because she’s not got a job. So things like perfumes are the first to be cut from the budget. So treat her to something uplifting and fabulous!

Kew children’s cook book

Kew Gardens Children’s cookbook

I started gardening this year because I thought it would be fun to learn and teach Mary. I ended up loving it!!! It’s such a nice thing to do with a toddler! This cookbook from Kew is lovely because it has gardening tutorials in, as well as recipes. Perfect for mums who want to garden, like me, or mums who want to cook nice things for them and their child.

Neutrogena retinol skin care

Skincare which actually makes a difference!

Finally! The gift of good skin! As a mum, I can tell you effective skincare has never been so important to me, because I often don’t have the time to apply much make up – let alone base make up. So if you want to give your friend the gift of good skin, go for something retinol based as it will really make an impact! Personally, I’m loving Neutrogena for its great results and affordable price point – which is rare for retinol!

Ta da! And there we have it! Gift Ideas for toddler mums! I really hope this post helps you decide what to buy a toddler mum this Christmas! Let me know if you have any questions! This post contains some affiliate links and some press samples.