Work from home: FIVE simple ways to be more productive

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Work from home: FIVE simple ways to be more productive

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about working from home and some simple hack to be more productive. I’ve been self employed and working from home for about 10 years now and these are my top tips! Let’s go!

Meal prep and time saving snacks

First up! When you are working from home it’s SO easy to get distracted by food; this could anything from organising the cupboards, to making coffee too many times a day or spending too long making lunch and dinner. It’s a struggle! My suggestion is meal and drink prep! This could be drinking from a large insulted cup so you go to the coffee maker less times, or bulk making a soup once a week for your lunch every day. Or even working with a meal prep service to save time. Also, low carb options are great for keeping up your mid-afternoon productivity like WiO for metabolic flexibility.

Leave your phone in another room

So obvious but so important! Try it for just 30 minutes a day and see if it makes an impact and slowly increase the time. It’s so easy to reach for your phone and break concentration and waste a few minutes scrolling. This can take up hours of your week, so try leaving your phone in another room.

Only check your emails and social media in allotted time slots

If emails take up half your day, try and only look at them in allotted times of the day. Focus on the most important first and give yourself a limited amount of time. Same for social media.

Get yourself air conditioning

This sounds like a huge luxury, but if you live in a hot city or climate you will know the perils of trying to work from home in the blistering heat. Some days it can be so hot it can limit your productivity and concentration. So invest in an air condition service and consider it a business write off!

Listen to audio which helps rather than hinders you

It’s so easy to turn on a true crime, pop culture or comedy podcast and set off to work. But it’s so easy to get distracted. Instead listen to work related podcasts to keep you motivated, or upbeat music or even white noise to keep your concentration if there’s a lot of hustle and bustle around.

Finally! I can’t stress this enough, but if you are self employed, please spend time getting your finances in order; you need to think about your pension, life insurance policy (see Volpe Financial Solutions) and health care plan. It’s important to have these things sorted so you can get on with building your business!