Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Why choose vinyl flooring review

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Among the many luxury vinyl flooring options available, the Distinctive brand is a crowd favorite. It is known for its versatility and ability to fit into any room, offering impressive quality at a slightly higher price point than cheaper brands.

Easy Installation

Distinctive flooring is a cost-effective choice compared to carpets, laminates, or hardwood flooring. The individual pieces are budget-friendly, and you won’t have to hire professionals for installation. It’s a DIY project that won’t strain your budget. Plus, you can walk on the newly installed flooring within 48 hours, thanks to its quick and stress-free installation process.

Artistic Designs

Distinctive offers realistic wood or stone effects that truly capture the authentic look you desire. Whether you want to match your furniture or create a unique palette, you’ll find a suitable design among its wide range. Moreover, maintaining Distinctive vinyl flooring is a breeze as it comes with stain, scratch, water, and heat resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection for your kitchen or bathroom.


One of the reasons why Distinctive vinyl flooring is a top seller is its durability and comfortable texture. It can withstand more wear and tear compared to other types of flooring. The variety of designs, including options like dark grey vinyl flooring, also contributes to its popularity. People are willing to invest a little more for a product that offers superior comfort

Vinyl flooring provides the same attributes as other flooring solutions but with an additional layer for safety. It offers extra cushioning and bounce, making it perfect for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. You don’t have to worry about damaging the floor when dropping plates or cups

If you’re looking for a premium choice for your home, Distinctive vinyl flooring is the best option on the market. Its popularity speaks for itself, and it’s no longer considered a cheap or flimsy product. Transform your home with this dependable flooring solution.

Check out the extensive selection available from your local luxury vinyl flooring provider.