What’s inside the Diptyque Advent Calendar 2023?!

Diptyque advent calendar 2023 review perfume candles

What’s inside the Diptyque advent Calendar 2023!?

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you some information about the most sought after beauty advent calendar of the year… the Diptyque 2023 advent calendar!!!!! This is always the top of the list for dream advents and I’m super excited about this one! I will share more details as they are released, but for now…. Here’s what we know!

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Diptyque advent calendar 2023 The 2023 Diptqyue advent calendar details

As always, the Diptyque Advent Calendar is limited edition and once it sells out, it’s gone for good! So if you want it, please do but it fast as it will sell out fast. It will be priced at £390.

The advent calendar is inspired by flames, it’s also features Diptyques iconic typography.  Each day you will open a new drawer to reveal and very special Diptyque treat inside. Personally, I would plan to open each door in the evening so it feels a little more magical!

It is a 25 contents box and some items will be travel sized and others will be travel minis. Just to remind you, last year, most of the perfumes were 10ml bottles and the candles were 35g pots. Whilst there isn’t a discount attached to it, last year it did cost less than you would usually pay for the 10ml bottles in selection boxes.

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Diptyque advent calendar 2023

What’s inside the Diptyque advent calendar 2023!?

OMG! The advent calendar is out and we know the contents!!! Strap in… it’s a good one!!! 

Contains :

Small Sapin (Pine Tree) Candle (70g) (NEW)

Mini Délice (Delight) candle (35g) (NEW)

Mini Coton (Cotton) candle (35g) (NEW)

Mini Baies (Berries) candle (35g)

Mini Feu de Bois (Wood Fire) candle (35g)

Mini Figuier (Fig Tree) candle (35g)

Mini Roses candle (35g)

Mini Coing (Quince) candle (35g)

Mini Santal (Sandalwood) candle (35g)

Mini Pomander candle (35g)

Mini La Droguerie Odour Removing candle with Basil (35g)

Orphéon Refillable Solid Perfume (full size)

Eau Rose Eau de Parfum (10ml)

Do Son Eau de Toilette (10ml)

Eau Capitale Eau de Parfum (10ml)

Fleur de Peau Eau de Parfum (10ml)

Eau des Sens Eau de Toilette (10ml)

Tam Dao Eau de Parfum (10ml)

L’Ombre dans l’Eau Eau de Parfum (10ml)

Eau de Minthé Eau de Parfum (10ml)

Do Son scented shower oil (10ml)

Philosykos scented soap (25g)

Softening and Comforting Hand Wash (10ml)

Velvet Lotion for the Hands (10ml)

Set of Holiday Decorations

diptyque advent calendar 2023 Diptyque Christmas candle delice review

I’m SO thrilled they are including a 70g Pine Tree candle, this is my favourite of the christmas candles, so this is a real joy! And I am also thrilled there are 8 different perfumes in here too! This (obviously!) adds up to 80ml in total, and alongside the solid perfume, this is enough perfumes to last the year! Which I think is amazing, and it will also help you discover your new favourite Diptyque perfume too. Plus the fact that there are 12 candles is truly wonderful too! That’s one for every room, plenty for display, hell, there’s probably a couple spare to wrap up and pass on as christmas gifts if you find yourself with someone to shop for and no time… but let’s be honest…. do we really want to give a Diptyque candle away?! I think not! I’m a real hoarder when it comes to Diptyque, but hell, it’s nice to pretend, right?! 


Just a heads up, Diptyque take Klarna payments, I normally wouldn’t mention this, but I do like to consider payment plan options like Klarna for larger purchases as I love to spread payments. The advent calendar is £390, so you could spread the payments throughout the month for free, or stagger it over a few months for a small interest charge. As always, please don’t use Klarna to buy things you can’t afford, please only use it to stagger payments and help your personal cash flow. 

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Diptyque limited edition Christmas candles

As always, Diptyque are set to release their iconic limited edition Christmas candles again this year. As usual, there is a pine (sapin) scented candle, but there are also two additional candles (maybe you spotted them in the contents list?!)  and they are both brand new! I haven’t tried them yet and I can’t tell you any more about them yet, but they are probably going to be amazing! But you knew that already! 

Personally, I love the Diptyque limited edition Christmas candles and I always try to treat myself to one each year, but my very favourite is always the pine! No one does a pine quote like Diptyque, it’s rich, sparkling, festive and cosy. It always smells like Christmas magic!!! it can’t be beaten!

diptyque advent calendar 2022 contentsdiptyque advent calendar 2022 contents

What was inside last years advent calendar?!

For a little context, I thought it might be worth knowing what was inside last years advent calendar, so you can get a sense for what they usually do! I really hope this is of help to you!! There’s also an image of what it looked like above too! Last years was dark, moody and inspired by the nights sky, where as this years is light, bright and inspired by flames! 

Sapin/Pine Tree Scented Candle (70g)
Scented Candle (35g)
Neige/Snow Exclusive Holiday Scented Candle (35g)
Baies/ Berries candle (35g)
Roses candle (35g)
Ambre/Amber candle (35g)
Feu de Bois/Wood Fire candle (35g)
Tubéreuse/Tuberose candle (35g)
Cannelle/Cinnamon candle (35g)
Noisetier/Hazelnut Tree candle (35g)
Mimosa candle (35g)
Thé/Tea candle (35g)
Eau Rose Eaux de Parfum (10ml) 
Tam Dao Eaux de Parfum (10ml) 
Orphéon Eaux de Parfum (10ml) 
Fleur de Peau Eaux de Parfum (10ml)  
Eau Capitale Eaux de Parfum (10ml) 
Eau des Sens Eaux de Toilette (10ml)  
Philosykos Eaux de Toilette (10ml)  
Do Son Eaux de Toilette (10ml)  
Philosykos Refillable Solid Perfume (15ml)  
Fleur de Peau Body Balm (15ml)  
1 Scented Soap in Do Son (25g)
3 Limited-edition Gilded Metal Holiday Decorations

Just a reminder, this years advent calendar will be priced at £390 and it is limited edition, so if you want it, please snap it up as soon as you see it. They tend to sell out super fast! 

Diptyque Christmas Candle Set

Diptyque Advent Calendar Highlights!

So let’s chat highlights shall we?! First up! We HAVE to talk about the limited edition christmas candles! I LOVE the fact that this year they are giving us all three, this is so cool and never normally happens! Last year they gave us one, this year they are giving us all three, for the first time ever! SO GOOD! Also, if you are someone who finds themselves trying to choose between buying the advent calendar or the trio of mini christmas candles each year, then this time you won’t have to make the tough choice! 

Diptyque are always really good to us when it comes to giving us the fan favourites, so I’m going to assume that we will find a Bais, Roses and Figure candle in here. These are always wonderful and it’s so nice to be able to have mini pots scattered around the house as little ornaments! 

If there’s any mini candles you don’t love the scent of (fragrance can be so personal) then I would highly recommend taking those candles and wrapping them up as gifts and stocking fillers for friends. 

Finally, it’s cool that once again this advent calendar will be treating us to limited edition decorations which we can treasure christmas after christmas! 

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Thank you for reading my What’s inside the Diptyque advent Calendar 2023!? Post. I really hope it’s of help and interest to you’ if you have any questions, please do let me know and if you are tempted to buy it… click here!

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