The Judith Leiber DUPE you need to see!!

Judith LEIBER dupe alert

The Judith Leiber DUPE you need to see!!

hello friends! Today I want to share a Judith Leiber dupe! I spotted this bag on Instagram and it’s a massive bargain – currently £15, down from £35! Which is also my way of saying it’s on clearance and when it’s gone, it’s gone! So snap it up soon!

It’s crystal covered, super fun and really reminds me of Judith Leiber bags! I hope this is of help and interest – enjoy! Shop the bag here! 

Judith Leiber is known for her amazing crystal covered clutch bags (although most do have a chain handle too!) and was made famous by Sex & The City with the crystal duck bag. It’s funny, as the whole point of the crystal duck bag is that Carrie didn’t like it and didn’t think Big understood her because he bought her an ‘ugly’ bag. But actually, as the seasons went on a Carrie’s style developed, you realise that actually she does love a novelty bag and a Judith Leiber bag features heavily in the first film. It’s commonly thought that the Eiffel Tower bag used in the first film is a Judith Leiber bag, but it’s not, it’s the cupcake bag that Lily has which is by the famed designer.

Personally, I always felt like Sex & the city did the Judith Leiber brand dirty with the storyline of the duck bag, so it was nice to see them right the wrong in the film with the cupcake bag!

Regardless, the Judith Leiber bags are fabulous bags and objects des arts. Plus they are brilliant at aftercare and will always fix any broken or lost crystals, long after the bag has been bought. However, if you don’t have the spare cash, then this Judith Leiber dupe is a lot of fun!

I’m curious… are there any Sex & The City iconic bags you think about a lot? I always wonder about the Chanel bag Carrie wears in the subway sequence of the first movie which I swear we only saw that time.

I also think about the Louis Vuitton bag she buys for Louise of St Louis and think ‘whyyyyyyy???? Go classic!!!!!’

Finally, I often think of Charlotte and her tiny Kate Spade bag she can’t fit her tampon in and think how different it is to the Kate spade brand we know now!

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