The cutest Radley bags: the anniversary collection!

Radley bags anniversary collection red london bus handbag

The cutest Radley bags: the anniversary collection!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a new post with you about Radley bags are show you the super cute anniversary collection! I spotted these new bags on the website earlier and I couldn’t resist sharing them with you! They are so cute! Let’s chat!

Radley are 25 years old!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Radley brand. To celebrate they have launched the cutest collection of tiny top handle bags featuring iconic British designs; a teacup, a red london bus, a cupcake, a crown, a Union Jack and one a swan. Each one of them is so fun and special, the biggest decision is deciding which one is your favourite!

Personally, I love the the teapot design with its bamboo handle – so cute! However, I also can’t stop thinking about the swan bag with its swan neck looped round to make the handle. And of course, who could forget about the iconic red london bus with its cross-cross woven handle. It’s adorable!

Radley bags anniversary collection swan shaped handbag

Radley Anniversary collection: the details

Here’s what you need to know:

  • limited edition collection
  • future collectibles
  • priced at £199 each
  • Made from top quality leather
  • unique designs
  • Grab bag style with attachable shoulder straps
  • each bag measured approximately 17cm wide and 14cm tall

Why are Radley bags so special?!

I wrote a full Radley bag review here, but in case you haven’t read it, let me give you an overview. Radley bags are loved for their high quality leather and craftsmanship. Each bag is beautifully designed and constructed and they last for years, if not decades. They are a symbol of ‘quiet luxury’ for their British heritage, their high quality and their timeless designs. If you think ‘old money’ are wearing Hermes, you’d be wrong, they are wearing Joules, lands’ end and Radley.

Radley bags Union Jack

Radley london teapot bag

How to style the anniversary Radley bags?

The Anniversary Radley bags are undeniably cute! You can either make them the centrepiece of your outfit and style them with jeans, a Breton top and a simple blazer. Of you can have some fun with them and pair them with a cute nostalgic outfit, like a printed 50’a style dress, victory curls and some fun Mary janes. You could really go with a theme or you can keep them simple! whatever works best for you!

In terms of where to wear them, you can wear them everywhere from Asda to do your local shop, or afternoon tea at a fancy london hotel! Wherever you take them, they will get a lot of compliments!

Want to treat yourself to a Radley Anniversary bag? Then click here! 

Ta da! And there we have it! Thank you for reading my post on the anniversary Radley bags! I hope you like them! Let me know if you have any questions!

Radley crown bag