Science says these FIVE things can help you live longer!

Science says these FIVE things can help you live longer!

I recently read that being able to stand balanced on one leg can help you live a longer life, which made me stand up and balance on one leg. Once I had achieved this goal, I sat back down and googled, what else can I do or practice to help me live a longer life, and this is what I found! Let’s go!

Eat a plant based diet

Eating plant based food has been widely researched and pretty much every study points to it being good for our physical health and well-being. So try and switch some meals from being meaty, to meat-free. I’ve even heard some senior care services are switching to more plant based menus for their customers – if they wish. Click here.

The grip test

Studies show those who have a strong and firm hand grip are healthier. I always knew it was important to have a strong hand shake, but I never knew why, but apparently it’s a sign of health as well as psychical strength. If you are curious, you can buy grip testers at this website.

Standing on one leg for at least 10 seconds

The test that inspired me to go down this rabbit hole in the first place! Stand up, left a leg and try to balance for at least 10 seconds. If you are good at it, you’ll hopefully lead a longer life!

Get more sleep

As much as we are told successful people sleep less than the rest of us, science tells us sleep is incredibly important for the mind and body. So get more of it!

Don’t smoke and limit your alcohol consumption

If smoking and drinking are your vices, then try and switch it out for something a little healthier for the mind and body… maybe cooking (perhaps plant based dishes!!) or doing wordle or even scouring Zillo for your next real estate purchase to open your own yoga studio, as yoga is also great for living a longer life. Ps. Don’t forget to hire a commercial real estate lawyer to make it all go through as stress-free as possible! 

Ta da! And there we have it! Science says these FIVE things can help you live longer! Hope it was of help and interest!