PYO sunflowers! Grange farm Norfolk! What you need to know!

Grand farm Norfolk sunflower field

PYO sunflowers, Grange farm Norfolk

hello friends! Today I want to share my experience wit the pick your own (pyo) sunflower field and maze at Grange Farm. Norfolk. Apologies, this experience has closed for the year now, but it will be back next year and I want to let you know the details for the future! Let’s go!

The details

  • Address: Grange Farm, Hockwold cum Wilton. South Norfolk
  • 31st July – 25th august (dates vary every year depending on the flowers)
  • Open 10-7 daily
  • free entry and free parking
  • flowers cost 50p per stem – buy as many or as few as you want!
  • spend as long there as you want
  • keep an eye on their Facebook page for pop up events like floral arrangements workshops and pizza nights

What colors to wear in a sunflower field?

Sunflowers do the hard work for you, so if you want to wear simple colours like a black or white dress, it will stand out from the sunflowers, however, you can also have fun with contrast and wear shade like red or bright blue. Personally I would avoid wearing yellow, blush pink or lilac, as these colours aren’t great with yellow.

what month is the best to visit a sunflower field?

Generally, in the UK the best time to visit a sunflower field is late July to late August. This year in late July the flowers were still opening and by late august the field was closing as most of the flowers had died due to the lack of rain. But it varies every year!

how much are PYO sunflowers?

This varies from farm to farm, but Grange Farm in Norfolk were charging 50p a stem, with no minimum spend.

PYO sunflower field, grange farm review

I went to the PYO sunflower field at Grange Farm twice this summer; first with friends and second with my partner. It was really easy to find, both with google maps and the homemade signs on the main road pointing you to the farm. When you get there, there is a good amount of car parking spaces and you just pull up and cross the quiet road and you will find yourself at the sunflower field. The parking is free and I both times I went, it wasn’t busy so there wasn’t a problem finding a space.

You enter the sunflower field by going into a pathway and then once you are in you can go in different directions. Which is really nice as you can spend lots of time roaming around and no matter what time of day you go, you can always find a new pathway which faces a different direction to get the best light!

The sunflowers are really nice and tall so you get beautiful pictures with the sunflowers at face hight and no crowds in the background. Plus, even if it’s busy (which it wasn’t both time I went) it never feels crowded because you don’t really see anyone through the flowers and there’s lots of different paths to wonder.

At the back of the sunflower field there’s an open field where you can bring a picnic blanket and have a spot of lunch or dinner whilst you are visiting. You don’t need to book ahead, just turn up! It’s lovely!

The family at Grange farm also arranged events like a flower arranging and wreath making workshop so you can book onto days like those and they have had food and coffee trucks stop by so you can have pizza by the side of the sunflower field. This is generally on a Wednesday evening, but keep an eye on the Facebook page for events like this.

As for paying for the sunflowers, they are 50p a stem which is super reasonable, so you can take a stem which has multiple small flowers on or one big flower. Whatever Is best for you. It might be worth taking a pair of kitchen scissors as they can be hard to break off. And you pay for the sunflowers at the end as there is an honesty box.

Personally, I would advise you to go in, have a wonder around and take some photos and then get your flowers on the way out. As they are big and if you are picking lots, they can get heavy and bulky! That being said, it’s nice to hold a few in the photos, but maybe don’t load up on the way in!

Anything else you need to know?!

I think I’ve covered everything, but the general vibe of the sunflower field is super friendly and casual. It’s a really affordable way to spend a hour or so and if you can, try to attend the evening pizza events too. The farm owners are super welcoming and friendly (we met them by chance – it’s not a ‘manned’ event). And I love the fact that the sunflowers are affordable and you can buy as many or as few as you can.

It’s such a lovely way to spend an afternoon and the whole experience is just lovely. I almost got the feeling from the family that they do it for the locals as a generous gift, and I really is exactly that! It’s lovely!

If you are in the north suffolk or south Norfolk area, I 100% recommend visiting. Make sure you take cash and for best photo results pick a bright day and go either in the morning or late after noon / early evening!