Pop culture podcasts you’re gonna love!

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Pop culture podcasts you’re gonna love!

Hello friends! Today I want to share some of my favourite pop culture podcasts! I think you’re gonna like them! So make yourself some tea (seriously! These podcasts contain teaaaaaa!) and enjoy! Let’s go!

Why do they call it pop culture?

Pop culture, short for “popular culture” is a term refers to the arts, film, tv, celebrity and music which are ‘known’ in mainstream media. Like the Britney and Madonna kiss, or lady gaga wearing a meat dress. It’s fun to talk about and it can be current or nostalgic.

How do you stay up to date on pop culture?

  • Listen to pop culture podcasts (like the ones above)
  • watch pop culture channels on YouTube like Sloan
  • Sign up to newsletters for pop culture magazines like ‘people’
  • follow pop culture accounts on Instagram like @whatstrending

great pop culture podcasts!

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Until next time! Enjoy!

Pop culture podcasts you’re gonna love!