Niche business idea: Gifts for smokers & stoners!

earthborn paint clay paint milk jug shade blue designers guild chair in canopy print and matalan lighting

Where to buy Gifts for smokers & stoners!?

Back in the 90s; Camden market and alternative stores were FILLED with cool ashtrays and smoking paraphernalia which was emblazoned with references to weed and getting high. People loved it! It was a way to say ‘I’m cool and I get high’ without actually saying the words.

As for the shop keepers, it was an absolute goldmine! It was mega popular with students and stoners, as well as indie kids and smokers in general. In fact, I knew people who would buy products with cannabis leaves on even if they hadn’t ever smoked cannabis in their lives. It could just as easily be a gag gift, as it could be fun, cool and useful! 

Then the 2000’s rolled along and ‘stoner culture’ disappeared. Grunge died, alternative shops closed in their droves and having weed related ashtrays and lighters around the home no longer seemed cool.

the 90s are back! 

Thankfully, the 90s are back and good ol’ leaf has been legalised in many places in America and now is the time to have fun with selling the paraphernalia once again. It’s cool, retro and it makes a great gift for your friends too!

If you are good at making witty slogans and drawing cute memes and cartoons on illustrator, then it might be worth coming up with some designs and seeing if you want to print them on ashtrays, lighters, jars, tins, trays and grinders. It’s fun and affordable and it could be your next big business idea!

Personally I would draw cartoon versions of my favourite stoner characters from 90s tv and films, then add in some speech bubbles and thought bubbles and insert my favourite quotes which relate to smoking in them. After all, who doesn’t love a little 90s nostalgia?! Plus it’s a great conversation starter at parties… ‘Can you pass me the Travis Birkinstock ashtray?!’ or the ‘rollin’ with my homies’ tray. Get it?! 

You could sell them on Etsy, at local markets, to indie and alternative shops as well as anywhere selling th good stuff! You will have to make a minimum order, but you could start with one or two products and build up to more as you sell more! Plus think how much fun you would have?! 

Wanna see what you could print on and find out more information? Then head over to cannabis promotions.

Thank you for reading my Where to buy Gifts for smokers & stoners!? post. I hope it was of help and interest! And I really think this could be a great business idea! Enjoy!