My Chanel Bag Collection… It’s a LOT!

My entire Chanel bag collection

My Chanel Bag Collection… It’s a LOT!

Hello friends! Today I am sharing a video I filmed featuring my entire Chanel bag collection. I have been asked for this video SO many times and I’ve been putting off sharing it for years… because quite frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit how many bags I have!

I have been buying Chanel bags for about 12 years now and over that time I’ve gotten myself a nice little collection of both brand new and pre-loved bags. I share my honest thoughts on them all, which ones I wear the most, which are impractical and a few regrets!

Also, I have to be honest, since I filmed this video I have added a new bag to my collection, so I have to do an update soon! Oops! But for now… here is a run through of ALL my Chanel bags, including prices (both new and preloved! Let’s go!


Which Chanel bags are the best investment?

After 12 years of buying Chanel bags, I think the best Chanel Bag investments are the classic flap bags in black. The gold hardwear seems to be more popular than the silver, and the Caviar leather is a better investment than the lambskin because it’s more hardwearing so you can enjoy the bag and it will have a better condition rating when you come to sell it.

Also if you buy preloved Chanel bags, these can be great investments as you are buying bags for less than retail price and they have the chance to zoom up faster too. The Chanel Diana bag has recently had a resurgence of popularity too.

Are Chanel bags a good investment? 

Yes, Chanel Bags, even now are a good investment. I was hoping to buy the Graffiti backpack a few years ago and back then it was around £3,000 and now it’s around £20,000 on the preloved market.

Chanel famously raise their prices every April, so I would always advise you to buy one before April, if you can afford to. Also, it’s getting harder to buy the classic flap bags, Chanel seem to be moving towards a Hermes Birkin business model – but less extreme. So as the classic bags get harder to buy, this could help make them become good investments too.




  1. Leisa Simpson-Young
    September 12, 2023 / 8:57 am

    Hey Kirsty!
    Your collection is beautiful 😍 Can you let me know of some good auctions to look out for when attempting to find pre-loved Chanel bags? (Or any other classic brands!)
    Great video x x
    Leisa x x