Mother & baby: TEN clever uses for Sudocrem

How to use Sudocrem

Mother & baby: TEN clever uses for Sudocrem

Hello friends! Today I want to share mine clever uses for sudocrem for mother and baby. I discovered the power of Sudocrem when I became a mother and honestly, I don’t know what I did without it before! It has SO many amazing uses.!

Today I want to share ten great uses for Sudocrem for new mums and newborn babies. Let’s go!!

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Benefits of using Sudocrem 

  • Anti-fungal 
  • Antibacterial 
  • Provide mild pain relief 
  • Nourishes skin 
  • Acts as a barrier cream 

Nappy rash

This is so obvious but so essential! Babies have such render skin and nappy rash can be SO painful, so when Mary was a baby I did not hold back when it came to slathering her in Sudocrem. It’s safe to use every day and multiple times a day if needed. And it works wonders!! It soothes skin, relieves pain and acts as a barrier between her skin and wee. So good!!

Dribble rash

Mary is a real dribbler, especially when she teething and dribble rash is very very real. I can change her bib multiple times a day and try my best to keep her dry, but still, that dribble can get through to her skin and cause some rash. I know it irritates her, as she will touch and scratch it and when she got older, she started asking me for cream. Sudocrem gives her so much relief from dribble rash and again, acts as a barrier to help prevent it getting worse. 

Insect bites and irritated skin

Sudocrem is great for soothing irritated skin in general, as healing and reliving pain from insect bites and nettle stings when they get older too. 

Stretch marks

Here’s one for the mums out there! Sudocrem works well on stretch marks to provide relief and also help heal them. When I was heavily pregnant my skin was SO stretched and painful and this helped nourish my skin and give some pain relief. 

Sore nipples

If you have sore nipples from nursing, a lot of women use Sudocrem to help heal sore nips, give pain relief and generally soothe them. Just make sure you wash it off before the next feed! 

Soothe & heal your pregnancy and post Partum piles

Fun fact, it’s VERY normal to get piles when you are pregnant and postpartum. You can use sudocrem around the an*s to help provide relief and heal them. 

If you nick your babies skin when trimming their nails

I know we all pretend we have never done this, but clipping your babies nails can be hard and once in a while, we clip their skin. You feel SO bad when it happens, but it’s worth using a little sudocrem on to help heal the skin and give pain relief. 

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Mother & baby: TEN clever uses for Sudocrem

Baby and adult eczema

If you or your baby have a little eczema, it’s worth putting a little sudocrem on to help heal, nourish and give pain relief. It works great on both baby and adult skin. 

c-section healing 

This is one you might want to consult your midwife on, but if you have a c section and your scar is mainly healed but you have a small section which is struggling a little, it might feel like a blister. Then a tiny dab of sudocrem can help it along its way. It is antibacterial and antifungal and also provides a little pain relief. So it’s ideal! My midwife did a swab to check it wasn’t infected and then advised me to use a dab every so often and it really did work! 

Postpartum breakouts

Finally, if you have any postpartum breakouts, then sudocrem can be perfect for soothing, nourishing and healing skin and breakouts. 

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Ta da!!! And there we have it, Mother & baby: TEN clever uses for Sudocrem. I really hope this post is of help and interest. Thank you so much for reading! This post contains affiliate links. 

Mother & baby: TEN clever uses for Sudocrem