Luxury life! Who flies on private jets?!

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Who flies on private jets?!

Ever since kylie Jenner shared *that* private jet photo, I’ve found myself wondering … who flies on private jets!!!! Speaking of which, if you want to fly on one, check this website. Let’s chat!

Pop stars & celebrities

First up! Pop stars and celebrities love a private jet because it means they can travel without the risk of being photographed or hounded by fans. They might use them for getting from city to city within America, or longer haul if they are on tour. They also often hire them out and loan them to famous friends and colleagues too. 

Business leaders

Heads of companies will often fly on private jets. This could be for many reasons, but mainly it’s comfort, convenience, proximity to their home or destination or even the ability to work or rest on the flight and make use of the time. For example, if you are a brilliant lawyer (click here) with a lack of time on your hands, a private jet could be a good time to work with your colleagues whilst travelling.

Sports teams

The worlds’ top sports teams will often fly on private jets for the comfort and convenience. If you have a big match ahead of you, your captain might not want their team to fly on commercial flights and risk delays and jet lag. Private jets are often more comfortable and enable passengers to rest on board; especially good if you are a basketball team who struggle to get their tall frames into tiny leg spaces!

Heads of state

Heads of state will often fly on private jets for safety and convenience. This could be royal family members, government officials or prime ministers and presidents.


I know chartering private jets might not seem like something charities should be doing, but it’s often the fastest way to get to get help and relief after a crisis.

Similarly, in a medical emergency, doctors and surgeons can be flown via private jet to get to their patient(s) as fast as possible.

Corporate companies

Corporate companies will often charter private jets for their top executives and clients. It can be a fun perk of the job, which also saves travel time and allows employees to be productive whilst they travel. For instance; the head of Amelt might need to fly from Ontario to New York for a meeting and instead of it taking the best part of a day to get to the airport, clear security, board and endless waiting in lines, they could get a private jet and save a lot of time and also be able to work on board.

Wealthy Tourists

Let’s be honest, if you are lottery rich, do you really want to be hanging out at Stansted airport when you could be lording it up in a private jet on your way to Vancouver ?!

Ta da! And there we have it! Who flies on private jets!?!