How to set up boutique hotel business!

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How to set up boutique hotel business!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about how to set up a boutique hotel business. As a former Airbnb owner, I thought this could be of help! Let’s chat!

Design and concept

First up! You need to figure out a hotel design and overall concept. Not only will be design by the thing that attracts customers to stay, but it will also help secure press coverage and help you to stand out from your competitors. If you aren’t confident with this you can always outsource it to companies, by searching things like cubicle installation companies near me.

Measure up!

I can’t stress this enough, measure up and be super accurate. Not only will measuring up properly allow you to maximise your space and have as many suites as possible, but there are also legal requirements and building regulations when it comes to space in hotel accommodation. Sure a tape measure will do the trick, but you might want to invest in better measuring lasers which will do the job quicker and more accurately – click here!

Construction and renovation

I know you might have a friend of a friend who can help, but trust me! You want to get the right people in! Not only will do the job properly and not cut any corners (which could save you a fortune in the long run) but they will also be more clued up on building regulations and safety needs you need to implement too. This is not a place to try and save money. Instead, spend a little more to save you time and costs later on, like if you live in a colder climate, invest in Heatline to help protect your gutters from freezing in the winter – click here!

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Sustainability and energy efficiency

Not only will your guests like to see their hotel accommodation caring about the environment, but it will save you a fortune in bills too. If you can make your hotel energy efficient it will pay off! Plus you don’t want cold guests!


Invest in marketing to help share the news of your hotel launch. Make sure you look into getting some great photography to catch attention of local and national publications and ensure being shared on social media by local news and tour guides.

Provide amazing food

How to set up a boutique hotel business? Give people great food!  Even if you are just providing a small breakfast selection or room service menu, make sure it’s amazing! Choose quality ingredients, local meats and great cheeses. It doesn’t have to be a big menu, but it does have to be quality!

Promote your hotel on multiple sites

To ensure you have plenty of bookings, sign up to multiple booking sites to get as many eyes on your hotel as possible. Also if you are pet friendly or have pet friendly rooms make sure you let customers know and promote it on places like Pets Pyjamas.

Make a local guide

Give your guests access to plenty of local information! For example, the best places to eat and drink, great local walks, museums and art galleries they should visit. Make sure you give them a full experience, not just a nice hotel room! Make sure your staff are briefed on the best places to go too. 

And there we have it! A few pointers on How to set up boutique hotel business!