How to organise your open shelves with jars and containers

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How to organise your open shelves with jars and containers

Hello friends! Today I want to share some tips and tricks on how to organise your open shelves with jars and contains. Not only does it look stylish, but it keeps your home and kitchen plastic free and keeps everything organised too!

All you need is a stash of vintage style glass jars, wicker baskets and a biodegradable jar … or ten!

Buy yourself a Dymo label maker

Of course, you can buy other label makers, but in my experience, these look the coolest on display! Plus they are really easy and fun to use and a great way to get your children involved! Use the label maker to mark what’s inside the jars and also add on any use-by dates.

Split your food into small, medium and bulky items

This is the fun part! You need to drag everything out of the cupboard and put it into piles of small, medium and large items. The large items like coffee pods, crisps and cereal bars will be put into wicker baskets. The medium sized items (like stock cubes or pasta) can go in vintage style jars and the small items (like spices) can go into the biodegradable jars.

Mix and match your open shelves

If you have open shelves, you want to mix in some useful glass jars and biodegradable jars to add different colours and textures. Pasta is always a good one to have in a glass jar on an open shelf as the shapes are lovely! Lentils and mixed pulses can also look great too. As for the biodegradable jars, these cannot be seen into, so instead display the pot with the label faced forward. You can even stack them on top of each other. Mix in with some books, dried flowers and ornaments. Try to keep the colour palette cohesive and the shapes interesting.

Inside the cupboards

Inside the cupboards you want to make sections for your baking items, rice and pastas, cooking ingredients and so on. Make sure everything is visible and labelled up so you can see it and it won’t get buried.

Put bulky items in baskets

Baskets look lovely inside cupboards and they help keep your cupboards neat and tidy too. Bags of crisps and nuts tend to ‘travel’ and get disorganised fast, so keeping them neatly stacked in a basket is a great way to keep them organised and keep them out of sight so they are less tempting! Simply put them in a wicker basket and put a hanging label on the outside so you know what’s inside!

Finishing touches…

Finally, add the finishing touches to your open shelves with drippy candles, trinkets, house plants and small antique crockery and glassware. Don’t be afraid to make them reflect your families personality, or add in photobooth shots of you all in a cute little frame. Open shelves are such a joy and so easy to do! Just mix in personal items with glass gars, organic items, interesting looking foods and books. You want to mix up the shape but keep the colours fairly cohesive. Easy!!!! Oh and for Halloween or Christmas, you can switch in and out items to add in seasonal touches like gourds or mini Christmas trees! So cute!