How to live a Luxury life off grid!

Luxury off grid

How to live a Luxury life off grid!

Living a luxury life off the grid can be an intriguing idea, but it requires careful planning and resources. Here are some steps to consider if you want to enjoy a luxurious off-grid lifestyle:

Choose the Right Location and enough land

Location is everything! Search long and hard for the perfect location which is secluded, beautiful and filled with open space. There might be a house on the land already, or you might have to build it. But if you do have to build your own, you can always use a firm to help you, like Millennium. Plus if you build from scratch you can implement all the tech you need to live your best sustainable off-grid life like solar panels, a wind turbine, waste management and water system.


To really life the off-grid life, you need to find your green fingers! Learn how to grow your own crops, make your own compost and perhaps even use TenPoint farm game.

Luxury off grid

I promised you luxury, so how about creating a eco friendly spa, hot tub and outdoor gourmet kitchen. Make sure it’s high end and built to last! Also, furnish your home with quality sofas and furniture, as well as beautiful necessities like a mid century modern dining set.


Sorry to bring the mood down, but you might want to invest in some security for your off grid luxury lifestyle. Maybe some fences and security camera, or even some guard dogs. It’s worth considering! 

Internet and Communication

It doesn’t matter how off grid you are, you still need internet connection! Also, join some online forums to find others who live a Similar off-grid luxe life to share resources, tips and experiences. Community is important, even off-grid. 


If you have land and you live remotely you are going to need a variety of transport for both on and off road. Personally I love a Land Rover Defender for off-road, and when out and about you could consider a truck for transporting larger items or a Range Rover for luxury missions! 

Hire help

Being off grid isn’t easy and you might need some help when it comes to growing your own food or managing your land and property. So don’t be afraid to hire some help. Living off grid doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. Especially if you want to live luxuriously off grid! 


Create spaces for recreation and entertainment, such as a home theater, outdoor sports facilities, or a private swimming pool, alongside the aforementioned spa! When designing outdoor-focused spaces like pools and spas, it’s advisable to work with a reputable pool contractor like the ones at Premier Pools & Spas (, to ensure the pool and surrounding areas are expertly constructed and integrated seamlessly into the overall property. That way, you can cultivate a harmonious and multifaceted home environment that caters to your diverse needs and preferences, ultimately enhancing the overall fun and enjoyment of your living space.

Financial Planning

Setting up your off-grid life may not be cheap, especially if you have to build your home and install solar panels and wind turbines and waste management. So plan and over budget because there are always unforeseen costs. Also consider the idea of having eco friendly off-grid holiday lets for an additional income. 

Ta da! And there we have it! How to live off grid.. luxury style! Living a luxury life off the grid can be rewarding, but it requires substantial investment and commitment. It’s essential to strike a balance between enjoying modern comforts and maintaining a sustainable and responsible off-grid lifestyle.