How I became accidentally sober

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How I became accidentally sober

Hello friends! Today I want to share how I became accidentally sober. This is not something I’ve talked about much but I want to share it as a lot of people are sober now and if you want to be sober too, I want to let you know you aren’t alone! Let’s chat!

My history with drinking

I started drinking at about 18 when I went to my first nightclub. It was a little intimidating, I didn’t know how to dress or act and I felt like everyone else had been drinking for years and i had literally no experience. Looking back, of course I wasn’t alone! I was 18 and so were my friends and it wasn’t like we looked older than we were so there wasn’t a chance they were going out drinking. Anyway. My relationship with alcohol started there.

Within a few years I started to really crave it. I craved the feeling, the release and I craved making my body move on the dance floor in the way that you can only really do when you are drunky-drunks!

I lived in a real party city at the time and it was normal for people to hit the bars anywhere from 3-6 nights a week. Some people were drinking every night and starting in the afternoon. If I’m honest; I thought it was normal.

When I moved to london, I thought everyone drank as much as my friends up north and I quickly realised they didn’t, and nor could I. Why?! The money! London is extremely expensive to live and especially to drink. So I curbed my drinking. A lot.

Over the years I found whenever I did drink the hangovers no longer felt worth it. I could no longer spend my Sundays on the sofa and I had things to do. Very gradually my units per week dropped to an almost minimal amount. At this point I would describe my habit as ‘when someone gave me a glass of wine at an event I drank it’ but little more.

It was during lockdown I found myself stopping completely. With no events and no social life, I never really drank. I was never an ‘at home’ drinker, so it never happened.

As lockdown came to an end I got pregnant and then continued to be sober. Without even trying I hit the 2 year mark of sobriety. Once I had Mary, I was producing milk for her, so I continued to be sober. And that’s when I finally decided I was fully sober and no longer wanted to drink. I have been to my first wedding as a sober person and I don’t plan to drink at my own wedding and I have to be honest. It feels good!

As for the everything else, I don’t smoke, but I am interested in edibles like Highly Concentr8ed. I have friends who love it and since I don’t drink, it’s something I’m keen to try! 

So there we have it, my accidentally sober story! I hope it’s of interest! Thank you so much for reading and let me know your experience if you have one!